Wettest Week    #WeekendCoffeeShare

Wettest Week #WeekendCoffeeShare

If we were having coffee, I would say… Such a beautiful weather!  The hot summer has been forgotten with the monsoon gaining momentum.  The dust and grime of the summer has been washed away replaced with tender leaves, greener plants and fresh air. We have got more than average rainfall in the last 10 days.  We also had the heaviest rainfall in the last 10 years on Friday, the 19th.  Mumbai went down under.  Completely flooded,  traffic stopped.  The trains also stopped.  Schools and offices closed early.

And in typical Mumbaikar fashion, we celebrated the early start of the weekend.   Everyone played and partied in the rain.  And we celebrated the belated birthday of my younger son with pizza.

But, the side effect of the continuous pouring was that the boys were at home.  With schools closed, and unable to play outdoors, they watched the re-re-re-telecast of superhero movies starting from Fast & Furious, Avengers, Transformers, Iron Man, Captain America, Pirates of the Caribbean.  Oh!  There was also some LOTR and Hobbit.  And when these were not being shown, they have watched WWE Wrestling.   My ears are aching with all the booms and bangs.

In this single female family, I do feel left out at times and wish for some feminine company.  She would have shared a romantic movie with me.  We could have drooled over the looks of Ian Somerhalder.   Or maybe gone shopping for some fabulous rainy footwear .

To get a break on the marathon movie watching,  using mommy power,  I changed the channels to watch an old, classic movie – Mother India.  But after watching for 15 minutes,  even I felt it was too slow.  And gave up the remote control meekly.

Today, June 21, is also #InternationalDayofYoga and #FathersDay.  The Father’s day is a relatively new trend here aided by the marketing companies and  media.  They make you feel guilty for not sending a gift to your father.    Does that make me a bad daughter?   My father,  who  is away from all this madness, was equally happy to speak with me in the morning.  But, I speak with him almost every day because I want to and not because I have to.

I have been watching with amusement the hullabaloo over the #InternationalDayofYoga.  It was enforced on us hapless citizens.  And then it took up some religious tones.  But, it was the politician who won ultimately by making it a huge spectacle.  We were bombarded with advertisements over TV, Social media,  Texts to celebrate it.  All the time, I was worrying over my taxpayer’s money being miss-spent.   The event has comfortably taken the focus away from another day, which is ‘WorldRefugeeDay’ on June 20.  With so many refugees in India from Kashmir,  Bangladesh and elsewhere,  it should have been addressed more humanely.

We will continue with life till the next gimmick is found.

The rain is pouring again beating against my window sill.  The curtains are blowing wildly.

Today,  it is raining more heavily than yesterday.  Will we get the day off on Monday too?  I wish.

Till then, you have a fabulous week ahead!

Image Courtesy: Pixabay.com

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27 thoughts on “Wettest Week #WeekendCoffeeShare

  1. First of all, I love the idea of Weekend Coffee Share. Thank you for introducing me to it. It does seem to be something I can take up.
    Coming over to your week, Mumbai had so much rains that I was worried it shouldn’t turn into another July 26. My cousins and folks there were sending watsapp images and they did scare me. But I do love rains. The idea of coffee or tea sitting inside while it’s pouring outside has a calming effect on me. Bangalore is getting on and off rains and I am in love with the city all over again 🙂 Action movies? VT too is fond of them and I am using sitting in front of the TV writing or reading. Sometimes I watch but sometimes, I just ignore! Loved your post!

  2. Oh, I dont know how many times I must have seen/heard these movies. Both the husband and son never tire of seeing the re-runs of these super hero action movies. Mumbai rains are best when at home. I used to hate it if it rained while I was at work.

    1. Actually, i have watched the mentioned movies a zillion times. In fact, my maid has also watched them more than me. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I think something is wrong with me. I actually don’t mind sitting and watching romcoms if I have company. Of course, I like my ‘crass’ action movies too. But still, I wonder sometimes.
    On another note, i love it when it rains. To sit out in the balcony or the garden and drink a hot cup of kaapi. With some good company to talk to. It’s amazing 🙂

    1. Ohh Sid! Wish the men in my family felt the same too. They think i am too mushy. But I love to watch mushy stuff.. though not the over the top hamming ones. Kaapi is best enjoyed with company. Me and husband had our Sunday kaapi looking out at the rain. Thank you!

  4. Sometimes, it is goo to sit back and enjoy. I have been to Mumbai and don’t like it for its heavy rains…it messes-up your schedule.

    Have a lovely time!

  5. Oh how I envy you! We are still waiting for a decent shower here in Jaipur! 🙁
    Well, I didn’t like the political and religious “tamasha” over Yoga either, but I don’t get much time to catch a lot of news. So it didn’t irk me so much. I don’t mind the money spent on promoting Yoga though. In fact, all these years, our tax money has been misused in so many ways by so many people, that I actually felt this was one good use of that money for a change! Please send some rains to my city! 😛

  6. I have heard a lot about the beauty of the Mumbai rains. Unfortunately both the time I have been there was during summer! Monsoon has hit Bangalore as well, but the pouring hasn’t started yet. Just a drizzle here and there making the already pleasant weather more awesome.

    Enjoy the rains and stay safe.


    1. Hmm.. Bollywood movies have popularised them in romantic songs.. And it pours heavily and crazily.

  7. Ah! Mumbai rains, don’t remind me of it. I miss them so much, drenched from top to toe, having cutting chai and drop of rain dropping making a splash in the cup. I believe in yoga and the good effects but somehow they diluting the celebration by putting a political point. Having said this, yoga helps the person a great deal and it’s something we should embrace:)

    1. Thanks Vishal. The rains have been lovely this year. And I think after many years, we have got good rains here. As for yoga, the publicity was an overkill. Otherwise, yoga has been around since before religiions were formed.

  8. I personally feel that YogaDay celebration could never mean money misspent. The results of this over long run, as far as India’s civilisational strength and renewal are concerned, will be stupendous. It is sad that in this country we saw such mindless opposition to something that the whole world has come to realise as something so stupendously beneficial for so many reasons. But that’s just my view 🙂
    Enjoy the rains!

    1. Thanks Beloo. I did not like the political and religious shades given to Yoga. The politicians and religious leads were scoring brownie points at the cost of ancient wisdom. We also had some whatsapp groups on overdrive. That put me off. Not against Yoga.

      1. I stay away from the TV and other such noise, so can’t comment on that. Maybe because some people are looking at politics first rather than anything good for people and nation that they stoop down to such low levels.

  9. I thought the rains were awesome because it let us take a break from our busy lives. Most excited was S, because everyone was at home. Yoga Day Hoopla was fun, I hope it continues all through the year though, and is not a yearly wonder. 🙂

    1. We did enjoy the rain with the extended weekend. True, yoga is a part of our culture. Its taught regularly at my son’s school. Its a lifestyle change. Just felt, Govt went overboard.

  10. I had the same thought today, that all the messages that I have been bombarded with and the additional media coverage and amount that has gone into could be used for something that would be not a one day event.
    True that he wants to showcase india, but can we not do away with some of it and spend it on urgent matters at hand?

  11. Reading your blog, I have to wonder if you actually live in Arizona :-D. You could just about be describing here except that we haven’t gotten mondoons yet – soon, I’m sure… Are getting the triple digit temps here in Tucson.

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