Wishing Marble  #FinishTheStory

Wishing Marble #FinishTheStory

At first, it looked like an ordinary marble, but it was far from it.

Zahir picked it up.   It was slightly warm and light and bigger than a marble.  It looked like a golf ball.  Maybe, he can use it to impress his classmates, he thought and put it in his bag.

Next day on the way to school, he said, ‘Yesterday, on the way home,  I met a fairy. She gave me a wishing marble.’

‘Really, I don’t believe.’ ‘You are bluffing.’ Said Zahir’s friends.

‘She gave me this.’  He showed the ball to his friends.

They examined the ball.  It did look a bit strange, they agreed.  But doesn’t look like a wishing marble.

‘So, what did you wish for?’ they asked.

‘To become rich,’ said Zahir

Spoof. Crash. Bang. Splutter.  The boys stood stunned. Nothing changed.

‘Bluffing’ they teased and laughed.

But, when they neared Zahir’s home, a mansion stood in its place.

‘It works!!’ the boys gasped in unison.


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  1. Haha! Cute! I wish I had it. Or perhaps Zahir could have been my best friend and asked for a mansion for me too! 😛

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