A surprise ride  #FinishTheStory

A surprise ride #FinishTheStory

Delphine always wanted to pilot her father’s plane and when he forgot his keys on her tenth birthday, she knew that taking off would be easy.

But she had to first lookout for her father.  She decided on taking the ride in the afternoon, when father would be away and the place deserted.

But the excitement of the ride got the better of Delphine.  She phoned her best friend Carol and told her about it.

‘Can you fly?’ asked Carol incredulously.

‘Carol, I have seen father fly it umpteen times.  It’s really simple.  Listen, I can give you a ride too.  Come over at 2.’

The thought of the ride removed Carol’s skepticism.  She promptly landed at 2.

The girls took some sandwiches and soft drinks and pretended to go for a short picnic.

They reached the hangar.   There was no one around.  Delphine promptly climbed up the ladder to the small plane.  She inserted the keys into the door when she heard Mr. Jim calling.

‘Miss Delphine, don’t board the plane.  It’s undergoing repairs.’


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  1. Good job they were spotted! Who knows what’s wrong with the plane (plus the fact that they’d probably be killed anyway if they got off the ground).

    1. True.. having a kid of the same age, I just could not bring myself to imagining him flying.. so stopped them. Thank you!

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