Book Review : The Deliverance of Sarpameru


About the Author : V T Rakesh 

This is the second book from the author, V T Rakesh.  His first book being ‘The Thorough Check’ which is about a Muslim living in India.  Here is the link.  You can follow his twitter account @rakeshvt

The book :

The book is about an island Sarpameru which is created out of mythical powers of the sage Kshiprajyoti.  He is a puritanical sage who wants to get away from the mainland, India.  He believed the people were getting corrupt and manipulating. So Kshiprajyoti does penance and the island is created.  He envisions an idyllic life for the people of the island.  But what happens is perhaps the story of all lands where indigenous people have given ways to people coming in from different regions.  Over period of time,  the external people adapt to the island conditions and start to control the indigenous people like in Australia, Mauritius or Hawai. 

More than the story of Sarpameru,  it is the story of every place on earth.  There is friction between the different castes of people.  The castes are again man-made. The clamour for superiority over each other.  And in the infighting,  the real beneficiary is a third party who tries to use the island to its own advantage.

The book picks up pace after about 80 pages.  Initially, the author is setting up the background, the characters.  The second half of the book is fast paced.  The book explains in detail and the complexities of the region, the people, war, etc. Complex aspects are explained in simple words.

There are no dialogues in the book.  This is good and bad.  Good, because it keeps the story fast paced.  Bad, because sometimes the reader would love to understand a character deeper,  to explain his actions.

But, I have a few skirmishes.  The editing needs some improving.  There are many grammatical errors and ‘Indian English’ which hampers the smooth pace of the book.  The author is uncomfortable when describing sex and it appears forced in the story.  The descriptions and similes used are jarring, not female-friendly.

The book cover looks dull and doesn’t really do justice to the content of the book.  I cannot read properly the name of the book or the author.   Please change the book cover, Rakesh.

My rating – 3/5 

It is a good read.  The author is a good story-teller.   You will love it if you like ‘listening’ to stories.

The book can be purchased on Amazon, Flipkart.

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