If we were having coffee – July 5  #WeekendCoffeeShare

If we were having coffee – July 5 #WeekendCoffeeShare

If we were having coffee I would say thank you for dropping by.  It has been a crazy two weeks and life is promising to get into a fixed routine too.  This means we can have more coffee chats and more activity on the blog.

After the initial craziness of the month of June,  July is promising to be more orderly.  My elder son would start his college soon and the younger one is settled with his school and tuitions.  My job is getting more manageable after the initial disruption created by starting something new.  To cut the long story short,  life is manageable.   I had a love-hate relationship with social media last week.

I had my first negative experience on Twitter when I was trolled by two men.  I had spoken against someone who called a journalist a ‘bitch’ on social media for speaking against the #SelfieWithDaughter campaign.  Well, I felt it is definitely not correct to call anyone names on social media.  If you disagree with someone,  you can just ignore the tweet or reply to the person with a counter argument.  But calling names is not done.  The social media gives a bit of anonymity which emboldens some of us to speak like no one will know us.  It reminds me of the quote –

“Character is who you are when no one else is watching…”

If educated, young men are going to behave like this on twitter,  I shudder to think what they must be really like.

Anyways, avoiding a vicious circle of tweets, twitter let me block them and that was the end of it.

I had the biggest surprise when my school friends finally caught up with each other after 25 long years.  We had all last met when we were 15 and just moving on to college.  In the era of no social media, telephones, we lost touch with each other. But this week, we have all been continuously chatting with each other (sometimes till 2am in the night), catching up on lives across the globe.  Some affairs and lots of gossip were disclosed.  But the good thing is, (even better than catching up) was that everyone of us have moved on to better lives.  Even the classmates who had failed in subjects, below average in studies, some never spoke a word in class have gone to become very successful.  So,  we should chill about our children and their school marks.  Have faith, they will come through successful.  This happy, virtual reunion was possible due to Facebook and Whatsapp.  We are planning to meet soon in the muggles world.

That’s why I love social media.

Have you faced a similar love-hate when using social media?  Tell me how you handled it.

Till next week, hope you have a good week too.

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21 thoughts on “If we were having coffee – July 5 #WeekendCoffeeShare

  1. I always have a love-hate relationship with social media.. When whatsapp notifications keeps on beeping when I am in the middle of an interesting novel, I curse it like it is the root cause of all my problems 😀 But then again, when I chat with my friends and catch up with what’s happening in their life, it is an absolute bliss 🙂

    Her Fairy Tale

  2. Lata, Existence is paradoxical. Everything has advantages & disadvantages, and how you take it totally depends on you. In fact, Perfectness is the assimilation of opposites as unity. You beautifully illustrated the point through your experience with social media. An inspiring take indeed. 🙂

  3. I have never witnessed a Twitter fight, nor do I tweet about controversial topics. I prefer to stay on the safe side by just reading controversial tweets, updating my think-tank, and moving to the next tweet. Why bother to get involved in it? Coz, in the end, you will not only ruin another person’s day, but it will also affect your own follower list!

    Anyways, these days, I have been lying low on Twitter. I hardly tweet, almost rarely Favourite tweets, and don’t bother to get into Twitter conversations. 😀

    1. Thanks Mithila. I normally dont put in my opinion in any political matters or controversies. So, I was surprised that I even managed to get someone so offended that they start attacking. Just a waste of time, actually.

  4. Oh, people can get really nasty on social media. They think that under the garb of anonymity they can spit venom easily. I have seen quite a few wars on social media, but thankfully, I was never a part of it. Glad that you blocked those guys and put it all behind you!

  5. Ohh isn’t it just amazing when you catch with an old friend 😀
    The trolls on Youtube and twitter would make you wonder what’s happening to the educated… Cyber bullying is scary, they leave you so helpless and depressed.

  6. Yes, twitter can get pretty nasty. Why call names? Like you said give counterargument or even let go. After all everyone does not agree with everyone else. You know what, that is the exact quote I shared in my last post. Awesome, isn’t it?

    1. Yes. but i had not tasted the problem. After this encounter, i do worry about posting my own thoughts.

      1. Twitter is infested with trolls. I also stay away from writing about controversial topics. It is too much heartburn dealing with the viciousness. Sorry that you suffered this terrible experience.

  7. Warning: Long comment ahead.
    Have I faced hate on Twitter? Short answer: Yes.
    Long answer: This one time I tweeted about the porn industry in Kerala, which is, I don’t know if you know, almost or even more popular as the mainstream cinema there. Every time you search for Kerala, Google, Facebook or Twitter does not give you results that show lush greens or backwaters – it shows you stuff related to porn or alcohol. My tweet was rather sarcastic, and I got trolled like crazy. And you know how? Nearly every person who responded to my tweet either offered me a role in a porn movie or abused my parents for bringing me up wrong or offered me “favors” of the you-know-which kind. At first it was funny, cos, like my husband remarked, they just proved me right by their behavior. Then I just lost my fuse, cos I belong to Kerala, and this was uglier than any ugly side I had witnessed before. Eventually, I decided to delete the tweet, not cos I felt I was wrong, but the abuse was getting unbearable. I wrote a blog post about it. Which till date I didn’t post. Why? Cos there will be accusations of generalization and racism. I’ve been toying with the Publish button on that post for a long time, and I really think I should publish it.
    Other times, yes, of course NaMo worshippers troll me sometimes. But I was shocked when an acquaintance did it. A fellow blogger got into this defensive mode when I talked about how Yoga Day or any day for that matter should not be made mandatory and there are other issues that really need to be focused upon. I simply stopped responding to the guy. It’s pointless wasting breath on these “My love for NaMo is blind” types

    1. Sreesha, you seem to have got it real bad. But i would suggest to ppublish it for awareness sake – the ugly side of social media. Being from Kerala, i am aware of it. Read the malayalam tweets. All sex talks.
      NaMo bhakts are my nemesis too and can be ignored. Why give an opinion if it has to match popular sentiment always?

      1. Well, honestly, I am scared. If I post it, the backlash will be similar or possibly worse than that of the tweet. On one hand I really really wanna post it. On the other, I don’t know who I’ll offend!

  8. Pretty much all the time… I love the ability to meet new friends and keep up with (or re-acquaint self) with old ones. But I can’t stand (particularly on Facebook – which is, no doubt, circumstantial) the way people get all up in arms over a simple, generic comment about life in general that has nothing to do with anyone in particular (cleanly put & no name calling, of course).

    1. Sometimes, I feel the trolls are paid to troll. What could be the motivation otherwise?

  9. Great that you can block trolls on twitter: didn’t know that was possible! 😉 And they may not necessarily be “educated” or “young men.” However, no excuses! Anonymity does make people say whatever they feel like on social media unfortunately! And yes, social media can be great too in reconnecting with friends and the like: how cool is that?! <3

    1. Thanks Elly. Lets only celebrate the positives of social media.. Rest can find their way.

  10. The good thing about social media is that you CAN block people. I’ve done that and will continue to do so because getting upset with these trolls and wasting time on it is just not good. So I block them when it happens.

    1. If you read the comments in here, trolling seems to be a common problem. Thanks for the block feature. Thanks Corina.

  11. You are one sensible smart person for blocking those men rather than getting into arguments and counter arguments. As for meeting up with old friends – that’s such a treat. We never can replicate those friendships ever.

    1. True. I never asked anybody to judge me. Then why should I argue with such characters. So, ignore if possible is what I try to do. Thanks.

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