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Brutal coverIt was the comment by one of my favourite authors, Ravi Subramanian, which caught my eye on the cover of the book.  His comment was, ‘An Extraordinary Thriller.  A writer to watch out for.’  And I would totally agree with him.  Thanks Ravi for the recommendation.

There is quite a lot of firsts behind this book.  It is the first book published by publisher ‘BloodyGoodBook’.  It is the first crowd curated book where in readers voted for Uday’s story to be published.  It is also, the author’s first book.  How cool is that!

Uday Satpathy as I had read in an earlier interview, had written this book atleast two years ago.  And with hopefully, 2 years of editing, revisions, rewritings, here we have a perfect thriller.   Budding authors, please note.  Patience is a virtue.

To summarize, Brutal does everything it claims to be.  It is an out and out thriller.  The pace slows down only momentarily for a few pages somewhere in the middle of the book.  But, overall, it is really fast paced and engaging.

The book starts with a journalist, Prakash, who is fighting his own demons covering a story.  Prakash is  covering a relatively simple and predictable court case of a man, Nitin Tomar, who has randomly killed children in his classroom on a seemingly fine day.  His fate is sealed by the media and everyone is expecting him to get the death sentence.  But, in the courthouse,  he is shot down by a sniper.  A jihadist outfit claims credit for the attack.  One thing leads to another and then another.  Prakash finally realizes,  Nitin Tomar was just the tip of the iceberg.

Sensing a bigger story, another journalist, Seema, is also investigating it though in a different direction.  Both Seema and Prakash are led to different directions during their investigations.  Here, the story is sometimes told from Seema’s viewpoint, sometimes from Prakash’s.   They follow the scent of the jihadist outfit only to discover the face of the outfit is killed.   They also stumble upon a warehouse where humans are tortured, a wildlife sanctuary where 4 youths have disappeared, and they are being followed by people who want them dead.  Soon they realize that they are just connecting the dots of a huge operation which has national and international ramifications.

There are many characters in the book who could be possible villains.  Each one has a motive too.   The characters are well drawn out and believable.  But, by the end of the book, more or less, the suspense is revealed.   I would have loved if Uday had held on to the suspense little longer.  I was turning the pages at full speed.

It’s a bloody good book.  It is well edited and nothing takes away from the story.

Go and read it all you thriller fans.

As for Uday Satpathy,  he is a good discovery for us readers.  He has set the bar higher for Indian authors.  Hopefully, he is busy writing a second novel which is even more thrilling than this one.

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I received a reviewer copy of the book in return for an honest review.

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