If we were having coffee … Aug 1  #WeekendCoffeeShare

If we were having coffee … Aug 1 #WeekendCoffeeShare

Hellooooo fellow bloggers!  How have you all been?  Its good to see you back.  Lets grab that cup of coffee and reminisce on life.  If we were having coffee,  I would tell you to have a very happy August.  After the long, boring months of May, June and July,  comes August.  August kicks off the festival season in my country,  So, we will soon have festivals every few days.

Different regions, communities, religions in India celebrate different festivals.  Since I live in Mumbai which is a potpourri of Indians from all regions and religions,  we get to have a glimpse of every festival.  And of course we can participate in any of them.  Thus many festivals of different regions are my own now.

It did start yesterday with ‘Guru Purnima’ where we seek blessings of our Guru or teacher.  This is also the month of Shravan where a majority of Hindu people will abstain from eating non-vegetarian food,  cutting their hair and shaving their beards.  Its a month full of penance, mostly celebrated in North and Central India .  But,  the day before this month starts is another festival known as ‘Gattari’ celebrated by Maharashtrians.  On this day,  people starting on the Shravan fast, have their heart’s content of meat and alcohol.  It’s a fun day.

Sister tying Rakhi
Sister tying Rakhi

Next would be Nariyal Poornima.  On this day, the fishing folks of Mumbai,  pray to their fishing boats and the sea to bring them prosperity and a good catch.  Also, on this day is Raksha Bandhan celebrated in the North.  This festival is for brothers and sisters.  The sister will tie a ‘rakhi’ or thread around the brother’s wrist and the brother promises to take care of the sister throughout his life.   And he also gives gifts or money to the sister.  The sister who has many brothers is a rich one on this day.  The beauty of this festival is that we can tie a rakhi to anybody and make him our brother.

Now,  my two boys who do not have their own sister are really sad on this day.  So, I tie them rakhis on behalf of a sister.  Among me and my siblings’ children, there is only one little girl in the family.  She is very young now and will sure have a good time when she grows up surrounded by big brothers.

Onam Sadya Courtesy:tintumon.in
Onam Sadya Courtesy:tintumon.in

Then on 15th August, we have the Independence Day which is a National holiday.  And at the end of the month will be Onam festival. This festival is celebrated only by the people of Kerala over 10 fun-filled days.  It is a harvest festival with the main objective being having the Onam Sadya or traditional lunch.  The lunch is made up of a variety of vegetarian fanfare The sadya ensures we taste all the different tastes of sweet, sour, pungent, bitter, spicy, crispy.  It ends with the sweet Payasam.  Yum!

And September is a whole long list of festivals.

I am very excited about August.  How about you?

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  1. You are right, it is really the start of the festival season in various parts of India! Here’s wishing all of us love, peace and joy in the festive season 🙂

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