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drawing-25152_1280 Let me warn you, this post is not about any religion which will insist on any specific rituals on specific days.  It is more about us readers who believe books are our religion.  And anyone who will question that or say anything against that, will incur our wrath.

Before writing this, I was checking on Google for ‘Reading rituals of famous people’ if any, but all I got were results on Writing rituals.  Apparently, there are none.  But I am sure,  some of us may be following some rituals before we sit down with that book in hand and go off into pleasurable stories of distant kingdoms and knights in shining armours.  Do you stop reading at only certain page numbers?  Do you scribble notes on the margins of the books?  Do you dog-ear your books?  

Before going into that,  imagine if we had rituals for reading books like our religion.  It could be like,  on Mondays, read only religious or mythology books,  on Thursdays, read about vegetarianism or the content should not have any non-vegetarian stuff.  On Fridays, there is book fasting, means do not read anything, but you can read short comic strips once during the day. Then we can face only a particular direction when reading books,  don’t lie down and read books, blah blah. Thankfully, we do not have these and don’t want anyone to get any bright ideas to impose reading rituals.

But I would love to impose some rituals like,  2 hours of undisturbed reading every afternoon and 1 hour of reading before going to sleep would be a good thing.

As for me personally, I do not follow any rituals.  All I need is my book in hand, good lighting and a comfortable sitting or lying position.  Oh! But there is one,  if I am going to be reading during my commute,  I like to cover my book with a newspaper.  It has more to do with maintaining the books in good condition,  and to avoid interruption of annoying enquiries about the book.

Do you have any reading rituals?  Or any quirks you follow when reading?

12 thoughts on “Reading rituals

  1. that’s an interesting thought but reading more than two books at a time is too much of a multitask 😛 I would mix up storylines. I don’t have any ritual, but I make it a point to not to stay away from books for long.

  2. Nope.. don’t have any rituals. Although, I would like to get into a routine of reading 1 hour before bed every single night. So far that hasn’t happened. For the most part, I am a binge reader. 🙂

  3. Interesting way to look at it 🙂 Some routine helps, surely, but I wouldn’t want to be bound by too many rituals 🙂 I don’t read too much ‘light’ stuff anyway (other than a few blogs and news-type articles etc) so my reading is rather slow with lots of thinking time/assimilating time in between. The only ritual type reading I do is for my meditative/spiritual purpose.

    1. Hmm.. time seems to be the greatest detractor. Maybe, we should redefine reading time. It is also productive time. I am also guilty of choosing to sleep over reading sometimes. But now making concious efforts to read as much as I can.

  4. I have no rituals as such, but the only things that I can read is fiction and poetry. Non fiction, biographies are not for me.

    I just pray to have some good time in hand so that I can read.

    1. I can read fiction only though I love to read poetry occasionally. I am also reading some non-fiction nowadays, though more like fictionalised non-fiction. I too need that extra hour, just to read.

  5. Ha ha… book fasting.. that was funny. Nope I have no rituals. When I get a good book I put everything on hold – all that I can at least – and read and read. And then I might for a few days go without books. Then there are some that I need to plough through – mostly biographies or autobiographies – I pick them up when I’m not doing fiction.

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