The classroom #MFtS

“I see absolutely everything.”  

The 10-year-olds in the class looked up at the teacher, Miss Deo, in wonder.  She was writing on the blackboard with her back to the class.

“No talking in the back,” she repeated.

“I don’t believe it.  She is bluffing,“ Ravi told Suraj.  Both were sitting on the last bench of the class talking in whispers.

“Are you sure?” Suraj asked. 

“Do you want proof?” Ravi asked.

“I am going out to have a glass of water,” said Ravi.

“No.. no.. don’t,” whispered Suraj urgently.  But Ravi was out of the classroom in a flash.

The students saw Ravi going outside the classroom and looked at each other confused.

Miss Deo turned back to the class and continued her lesson without finding anything amiss.  Ravi came back from his short outing and asked to be let in.

Miss Deo said ‘Yes’ and Ravi walked in to the admiring glances of his classmates.


13 thoughts on “The classroom #MFtS

  1. That’s one statement a teacher really needs to be able to back up to keep her authority in the classroom – though I’m quite amazed she didn’t notice someone actually leaving the room! Good story. 🙂

  2. All teachers say this, but I’ve never seen one who doesn’t notice a student leaving the classroom. What’s Miss Deo’s story?

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