The Kanjeevaram Sari

Neeta stared at her large wardrobe which covered the entire wall on one side of the room opposite the large windows. An eclectic saree collection, matching blouses, hair accessories, bangles of various hues and matching slippers. She remembered each of the purchases. Some of them had too many memories, some were for anniversaries.
She took her time to decide. She still had four hours to get ready. She finally chose the kanjeevaram sari. It was bottle green with a beautiful maroon border embellished with gold embroidery.

She took out the sari and the matching blouse, bangles, hair piece, and laid them across the bed. She draped the sari and added her accessories. Bottle green was her favorite color. It highlighted her flawless skin and black hair. The maroon lipstick will add the final touch, and she will look like a million bucks.

She looked at herself with satisfaction in the mirror. She still looked beautiful. The years have been kind to her.

She was now dressed to attend a wedding, but it wasn’t a wedding she was going to. Although she looked confident on the outside, inside her heart was broken. She did not want to break down in front of her husband. Let him live happily ever after with his new found love.

As per custom, she will now go back to her parents’ house. They, in turn, will be worrying about getting her married again, but she was done with marriage. She had lived all her life as per her family’s wishes. Perhaps now it was time to live life on her own terms. She will not be a dependent again. Never again will someone else have power over her.

Perhaps, this whole affair will be a blessing. She will sign the divorce papers and coolly walk away as if nothing has changed.

The above story was published in the Flash Fiction Magazine.  They publish a story a day from new writers.  Visit their website for submitting your story.

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  1. Wow Lata! Brilliant! The way you weaved, such a strong and inspiring tale. Well done.

    Side note: while I was checking the reader, the title of the post drew me to it. I’m doing the 100 saree pact and nothing about saree can escape my eyes 😉

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