Top Ten Authors I have read the most books from


I love the Top Ten Tuesday Book meme hosted by BrokeandBookish.  So, every Tuesday,  we get to list 10 of something related to books.  This week, we have to share the Top Ten Authors I have read the most books from

Earlier, when there was no internet or Kindle,  in India,  we used to get only popular or classic books.  Our choices were very limited.  So, when purchasing, a whole lot of thought was given before selecting a book.  But these authors I knew, were the best.   I was sure to have a good time reading about the countries never seen, peoples and cultures we never met, but still understood them like our own.

  1. Ken Follett – Undoubtedly, he is my favourite.  I have read almost all his books.  I may have missed one or two.  He also writes my favourite genre – Historical sagas.  But his thrillers are also equally amazing.  He is the only one whose books I have pre-ordered.
  2. John Grisham – The courtroom dramas, the lawyers are all excellent.  I also love his books because they have a hint of humour which just fits right with the grim surroundings.
  3. Jeffrey Archer – His novels are best seller sagas like Kane and Abel, Sons of Fortune, Prodigal daughter.   In Bollywood,  many movies can claim to be inspired by the lost and found formula of Jeffrey Archer.  But, my favourite is   Not a Penny More Not a Penny Less.  If you have not read it,  please do.  I would highly recommend it.
  4. Wilbur Smith –  His stories are mostly based in Africa among the wild animals,  jungles, deserts.  He is a master storyteller.  He completely pulls you into the book.  They are more about the people of Africa.
  5. Mary Higgins Clark – Thrillers are her forte.  Her novels have all the elements of mystery, thriller, spookiness and fear.  She grips you from the first page till the last.  I have read almost all her books.
  6. Ken Rutherfurd – He writes about the history of places through stories.  It is a good way to learn history.  His books include stories of places like London, New York, Dublin which are also the names of his novels.  Excellently blends history and the people bringing alive the different times.  His writing is similar to Ken Follett s historical fiction novels.
  7. Sidney Sheldon – I love his books simply because they are edge of the seat thrillers.  One of the first thrilling authors I had read.  I must have read almost all his books.
  8. Violet Winspear – I do not know if she is famous or not.  She is a Mills & Boon author.  At a time, when I was completely fascinated with M&B, she was my favourite author.  Her heroines were strong, the story was good.  In the limited scope of M&B, she did shine as a good author.
  9. Agatha Christie – Nothing to be said about her.  She is the queen of crime after all.
  10. Devdutt Pattnaik – As an Indian author, I have read most of his books.  He has a simple, clean style of writing.  He also writes one of my favourite genres – mythology.   His blog gives continuous fodder on mythology and how it can be interpreted in the present times.

Well, that was my list.  It was difficult to limit to 10 though.

Whose books have you read the most?

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Authors I have read the most books from

  1. I admit I haven’t read anyone from this list, but my genres are usually classics/fantasy/science fiction/history. If i had to pick an author I read too much of, it would probably be Edgar Allan Poe, haha…. I read all of his stuff two years ago. 😛

  2. Have not read Wilbur Smith, Ken Rutherfurd, Violet Winspear and Devdutt from your Top 10 list. Ken Follett, Mary H Clark, Sidney Sheldon, Jeff Archer, Grisham are my absolute favorites!

    1. Try them. Devdutt Pattnaik also writes for many publications, in his blog. They are short and interesting.

  3. There are people here I’ve read, and people I’ve not read or not heard of.
    Hey, have you read Frederick Forsyth? Considering what I’ve gathered from this list, you would love him, he’s amazing!

    1. Oh yes. Frederick Forsyth I love. Excellent writing. I have just not read all his books. They are lying in wait silently on my bookshelf.

    1. We had very limited choice earlier .. and so, couldnt get variety of books. Which ones you havent read?

  4. I have read all these authors except Ken Rutherfurd. Will try to read one of his books, as going by your list it seems we have pretty much similar tastes in books! 🙂

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