Bewitched #FinishTheStory #MFtS

From her small balcony, the witch watched the world go by.

Olivia hated the day time when all action was in the night.  She was tired watching the slow lives of humans.  But, they were industrious.  She kept four of them in her house.  Two did the housework and two did the odd jobs for her.  Thankless creatures.  She was ready to teach them some spells, but they just wanted to go back to their pathetic lives.  She had planned to replace the old human.  She needed young blood.

Blood.  That brought up beautiful memories.  She missed the parties they used to have back home ever since she fought with Witch Wyona and shifted to this country about half a century ago.

But she liked the cold here. It suited her complexion.  She looked not a day older than 22.  She was sure Nat can be ensnared.  A little bewitching spell will be enough to get him in the house.

This short story written for Mondays-Finish The Story.  Read more stories here.


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