Getting ready for festivals #Paintfinder

With the festive season rushing towards us,  we are thinking of overhauling some furniture and getting a fresh coat of paint.  We were completely bored with the current shades in the house.  Its blue now.  I like the color.  But,  we wanted to explore something new,  but not really sure of the outcome,  or even the costs.

We were directed to the Bed Bath and More website.  The website offers a whole lot of design and color ideas.  I have seen similar stuff on international websites.  But,  wanted a more Indian outlook.   Alas! I am not sure, what I want.   Typical Libran.

Here I am,  using the ‘Smart Tool’ for ‘Paints’.   Here, first I had to choose a room.

Then I choose the color



With so much to choose,  I take my time to try out all, hehe.   After all, they are simple point and click tools.  They all look good,  making it difficult.


But,  I reminded myself, I wanted a new look.  So, no more pale blues.  But,  my family members had different choices.  While, I wanted this, green and soothing –  Image3 green

The husband wanted, English colors –

Image beige

And our teenaged and pre-teen sons wanted, bright reds to match their energies –

Image Red

With so many choices,  we were a bit spoilt for choice.  Now, it is really up to us to make up our minds. Maybe,  allow the kids their choices in their room.  The drawing room can be the husband’s choice.  I choose the bedroom colors.  So, everyone will get their wish.  That’s what we decide to do.  Once, decided,  we can check the costs on the website using the Paint Calculator.

This is the best feature I feel.  Because,  we can keep a check on our budget and also plan for it, so that the painting costs will not turn into a burden and we end up compromising on our choices.

Image calc

The website informs me these prices are representations.  But,  this is still very useful feature.  Now, I just hope no one has a change of heart once they decide on the colors.


I am participating in the #PaintFinder activity in Association withBlogAdda & Bed Bath & More


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