If we were having coffee …Sept 13 #WeekendCoffeeShare

If we were having coffee, I would say that we are all doing fine here.  The blog has been neglected a bit, but that made me wake up at 6am on a Sunday to write a post.  And then, I didn’t know what I should write about.  With the rest of the family asleep,  I walked around the house for some time for inspiration.  Then I remembered the prompts page for ‘Blogtember’.  There are some wonderful prompts there and I picked up the September 13 prompt.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I liked writing them.  It does help to put things in perspective.  This is how my life is playing out now.

Reading… Righteous Release by Richard Gardner.  Its a saga and I love it.
Playing… with my children
Watching… My plants growing and flowering. A show of my favorite actor Mohit Raina on Sahara One.  Yeah, I know.  I have never visited that channel before.  But all for Mohit.
Trying… to stay on top of my work schedule, book reviews and put in some posts on my blogs.
Cooking… Its Butter Dosas and chutney on the Sunday morning menu.  Do drop in.
Eating… trying to control putting all things sweet into my mouth. Calories.. calories.. calories
Drinking… Tea.  I love many cups of tea.  Even though my blog name is kaapi (coffee), I love tea more.
Calling… My parents who are away in far off Kerala.  I miss them soooooo much.
Texting… without a break to my Schoolmates group on Whatsapp, Parents group,  Close friends group.  Its getting a bit out of hand staring down at the phone all day
Pining… for Mom’s cooked food.  That inji(ginger) curry, yumm.  
Tweeting… About books, reviews, the Syrian refugee crisis, environment
Going… nowhere. But had a ride on the scooter with my elder son late evening yesterday in a light drizzle.  Loved it.
Loving… my family time.  Enjoying daily life and thanking my job which lets me work from home and being with my sons all the time.
Hating… the #meatban and all the political overtones to it.
Discovering… the miniseries ‘Pillars of the Earth’ by Ken Follett on Youtube.  I have marked it for later viewing.  Now need to find some free time to watch it.
Thinking… About the refugee crisis in Europe. It is unimaginable running away from our own homes, risking our lives, to an uncertain future with just the clothes on their back. I can’t bear to watch the children.
Feeling… Very hopeful.
Hoping (for)… a week where everything will go smoothly and I will get to finish my reading. The maid will be off this week due to festival.  *Takes deep breaths*.
Listening (to)… Gaana.com and Mohammed Rafi songs on soundcloud.  I love you internet.
Celebrating… Ganesh Chathurthi this week when whole of Maharashtra will be celebrating and worshiping the God of prosperity and wisdom.
Smelling… Petrichor.  Though I would really want very heavy rains here.
Ordering… Maybe that Salman Rushdie book, or  Love in the time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  Please recommend.
Thanking… My husband who puts up with my weirdness and my need to do multiple things at the same time.  He is very organised and systematic.  You guessed it.  We are complete opposites.
Considering…writing some short stories and sending to contests.  Focus. Focus.
Starting… The next book which I have to review – The Dove’s Lament by Kirthi Jayakumar
Finishing… My books (I need to find some time to do it.  Reduce Whatsapp, perhaps)

So how has it been with you?

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