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“As her mount shifted uneasily under her, she grasped the brim of her old felt Stetson, gazed upwards and remembered Jean Pierre.”

“He was just too handsome for his own good,” Claude thought of her husband. “If he wasn’t so handsome, I wouldn’t have had to keep a watch and protect him from those foolish women in love with him.  He had a wife, didn’t they know?  ”

Claude always blamed his death on the note she had found in his shirt pocket.  It said “8 o clock” and nothing else. She was furious with rage.  She ran to the barn, picked up the cleaver and waited in the dark.  

Claude never understood why Jean-Pierre had married her.  Plain of features, there was nothing striking about her compared to the handsome Jean-Pierre, though he insisted he loved her.

At quarter to 8, Jean-Pierre came to the barn.  He saddled his horse and was about to mount it, when Claude struck him.  He never knew what hit him.

It was termed an accident.


This short story is written for Mondays-Finish The Story where a picture prompt and the first line is provided.

16 thoughts on “The note #FinishTheStory #MFtS

  1. Great story! Jealousy can sure make someone do something they normally wouldn’t do. The note could have been innocent. It is very curious that his death was considered an accident!

    1. He could have accidentally fallen and hit the cleaver. No one has suspicions and so passed off, perhaps.
      Thank you. 😘

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