The Perfect Scene #WordyWednesday

June and I rushed back home.

‘Hurry up! Before everybody comes back from their walk,’ said June clearing up the verandah.
‘It should look neat and serene. Where’s that wine glass? It will complete the look’

‘What if they enquire about Bobby?’ I asked feeling scared.

‘We tell them, we hadn’t seen her and we thought, she went with them’.

‘Will they be suspicious?’ I asked thinking of the consequences.

‘Not if you behave as I say?’ June warned.

It was evening when the rest of the girls came back from their walk. I took a quick look at our room. Everything was neat and clean. The glass on the window was a master touch. June was reading a book.

Tina picked up a handkerchief from the verandah asking innocently, ‘Isn’t this Bobby’s? Where is she?’

I immediately broke out in a sweat and I blabbered out the whole story.

This 150-word story I had earlier written for FlashFriday when they had a similar prompt.  Posting here for Wordy Wednesdays at BAR.

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