A teaspoon of Motivation #MondayMusings

Its Monday again and am back with recharged batteries.  Its been a hectic few weeks and I look ahead to another couple of hectic weeks.   But, the thought itself tires me.  I need loads of motivation and a stronger cup of coffee right now.  So, I looked up some motivational quotes and hope it will keep me going the next two weeks.

I want to be a winner, yeah.  Quit cribbing.  

That makes my future look bright and beautiful.  I am already smiling now.

This is so true.  If it was easy to achieve,  it sure is not worth it.

These quotes have perked me up.  After all,  every day is not a sunny day.  But I will survive.  Now, to get my coffee cup.

10 thoughts on “A teaspoon of Motivation #MondayMusings

  1. It’s my belief that when we are aligned to the Universe and our lifepath, life flows. If we are facing difficulties or life is hard, we are definitely not on the right path. Quite contrary to the last quote.

  2. We all need that bit of push on some days and these are truly inspiring quotes you have picked. I have a lot of deadlines to meet too, so, I guess, I need to brew a fine cup of tea for myself now!

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