Handling queries from my desi Jeeves

I was tapping away at my keyboard,  concentrating on the work at hand, shutting out all the outside sounds and completely focussed on my work.  Those who work from home know how important it is to be a self-starter, self-motivator, self-technical (ok, I made up that word),  but you get the idea.  And most of the days,  my housemaid is the only company I have at home.  The children flit in and out of the house either coming or going to school, classes, or going to play.

For one thing,  my female Jeeves,  as Mrs. Funnybones would call her, is mighty proud of my achievements.  She has taken it upon herself, that I should not be disturbed at any cost.  She helps hold out people at the door who come visiting at odd hours.  She also screens the phone calls so no tele-marketeer disturbs me and I can work hard.  She even tells my gas cylinder delivery guy,  “Ma’am is in a call”, as if he would understand.  

A few days back,  when she saw me surfing the internet and sure that I wasn’t working,  she came and sat beside me to chat.  After some general queries, she asked me, “Bhabhi,  what work do you do?”

At this, I smiled.  My chest puffed a bit.  And I thought of some quotes which said, “You should be able to tell the children what you do in the simplest of terms.”  I thought of trying it out on her.

So, I told her, “You know Jeeves,  the remote that you press for your TV.  How does it know what to do?  So,  we write instructions which tells the remote,  red button is pressed and so shut down the TV.”

She nodded in agreement.  Feeling good about it,  I thought of going a bit further.  So, I told her,  that “imagine the TV guys allow you to have a designer remote.  So, they will ask you, if you want a red or a blue button to shut down.  They can ask if you want a velvet skin or golden colored remote.  Then we will customize the remote for you.”  She got it then and said so.

So, I continued a bit further.  I said, “When you come to buy the TV,  I will tell you that you can have a fully customisable remote with out of the world features.  Then when you tell me what you want,  I prepare a pricelist for you.”  There.  Now my explanation was complete.  I felt proud that I couldn’t have said it better.

Nodding again,  she told me, “Means you have to use your brains to work, and not your hands.”  Phut went the air from my lungs.  I couldn’t have put it in shorter words.

Next time,  be careful what you say.  Give only as much information as the recipient is interested in.  No one cares what you do.

6 thoughts on “Handling queries from my desi Jeeves

  1. This is great, Lata! I mean I can understand about the ego-bruising and all 😉 But still isn’t it wonderful to recognise that there can be such simple ways to answer something and we in our complicated “trained” minds just end up making things so complicated. And for what? Really? Maybe just to satisfy our ego. No?

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