Believe in magic #MondayMusings #NaBloPoMo


Every time the sun rises in the east,  I am amazed at the beauty it unleashes.  It’s just another day full of promises.  The sun rises gently,  waking up the little birds and animals.  It casts its gentle rays on the plants.  The buds bloom in perfect color in response,  the fruits ripen in happiness to perfect sweetness.  Don’t you see the magic in this?

Every thing,  every living speck of life has its place in the universe.  It works in synch and creates the environment we live in.  If we just consider the insignificance of our lives with respect to the universe,  everything is magic.  How else could we define it?

What do we do to deserve it?  The way we are destroying our environment, the rapid urbanisation,  deforestation,  depleting minerals and water levels,  we look hell-bent on a path to destruction.  Humans might be the only species which destroys its environment.  The price of which will be paid by every being living on the planet.

Stop.  Pause.  Lets rethink our lives.  Lets treat the environment as a finite source and help preserve.



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