If we were having coffee Nov 15 #weekendcoffeeshare #NaBloPoMo

weekendcoffeeshareIf we were having coffee I would tell you how sad I feel for the terrorist attacks in Paris.  The news was on a loop throughout yesterday.  6 places attacked simultaneously.  Terrorists spraying bullets on innocent victims at popular and crowded places,  sounded just too familiar.  In fact,  a bit too familiar for comfort and I realized I was crying.  It was eerily similar to the Mumbai terrorists attacks seven years ago.  It also reminded me of the Mumbai train blasts 9 years ago where my husband had escaped.  How many more of such ghastly attacks should a country endure?  The immediate reaction was to blame a particular community.  But then,  aren’t they also the victim of the same terrorist agenda? How could we forget little 3 year old Aylan lying face down on a beach? Or the thousands of refugees walking 1000s of miles, mountains,  cold weather and risking everything to reach an unknown place,  which they feel will be better than their own familiar life they are leaving behind?  The questions are too many  and the answers not easy.  

It was Diwali week and we had lot of fun.  I had planned to write all about it.  But,  the mind is numb.  I cannot think beyond the Paris attacks and how it will impact the refugee crisis.  I pray for the victim’s families,  and also for the refugees.

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8 thoughts on “If we were having coffee Nov 15 #weekendcoffeeshare #NaBloPoMo

  1. I am at a loss of words, Latha. The killings, attacks, brutalities, it’s never ending. To think that these are done by people just like us, is scary!

  2. All this fills us with despair, and also fear. Where are we headed? Why is it that some people feel the need to kill innocents. Or kill at all!

  3. I watch the news a little and i always ask myself can’t we all get along? if not get along at least disagree non violently especially not taking it out on innocents.
    The festival of the lights has always fascinated, me all the lights and flowers and of course the significance ^_^
    thanks for the tea and the thoughts


  4. There are so many layers to these tragedies, it can be easy to get lost in them and they work to envelope us all in sadness and despair. In times like these, I *have to choose to look for the helpers…and to look for the love, the compassion, the willingness to see beyond a few people’s choices and to embrace all who are suffering through the chaos. Take good care of yourself. xoxo

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