10 thoughts on “Kashmir House #BookReview

  1. Sounds interesting. The whole history of Kashmir is fraught with so much suspicion. I’m always more than a little taken aback by the depth of hatred many Kashmiri pandits express towards the locals. It’s true life as they knew it changed. However, like I’ve observed in other parts of the world, it’s always a question of locals rebelling against oppression by the rich and the advantaged. Sadly, these are often very violent in expression.

  2. Lata, I have read a couple of books on the Kashmir issue which have brought the pathos and hurt of the people , maybe you could take a look. Tears of Jhelum is a good one. A family’s story.

  3. Kashmir is such a difficult subject to write on….with thousands of years of history, the significance of that place in India’s millenia old cultural and spiritual history, the blunders of Indian government soon after Independence, the Indo-pak wars and then of course the violent history of the last four decades, the displacement of millions of people, etc. No single book can possibly cover everything and do justice to all povs.
    Have you read Rahul Pandita’s book- Of Moon and Bloodclots. Chillingly disturbing. But was an eyeopener for me on several levels.

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