Life of Ki – 2 #fiction

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’I want to get a job, ’  said Ki.  Sam looked up from his newspaper.

’, ’  he said and went back to his reading.

Ki got up and took away the newspaper.

’Sam, I really want to do some work, ’  she repeated.

’But, you are already working, isn’t it?  You said you are very busy the whole day, ’  Sam said.

’It’s not like that.  I want to take up a job,  earn money.  ’

’Aren’t you happy to stay at home and be with the kids?  Watch them grow?  Be chilled out and just relax? ’  asked Sam.

’Sam,  you remember we had planned that I could go back to work when the kids grow up.  They don’t need me all the time.  I would like to take up a job,  meet new people,  new friends.  I am bored being at home the whole day,  just waiting for you and the children to show up.  I feel I am wasting my education.  ’

’Ki,  what about the children?  Do you think we can leave them alone?  The newspaper is full of kidnappings, robberies and stories of rape,  I am not sure if it is really a good decision. ’

Ki pursed her lips.

’Oh! I had not thought about it.  How selfish of me.  Maybe I should wait a few more years. ’

Ki was dejected and looked away quickly to hide the tears welling up.

’Ki,  why don’t you take up some work which you can do from home?  Like tuitions. Or something which you can work on the internet.  Think about it.’

Ki brightened.

’That’s a good idea.  I will check out options on the internet. ’

To be continued..


10 thoughts on “Life of Ki – 2 #fiction

  1. This is a problem faced by many women these days, including me! At times I feel so bad. I can very well relate to Ki! Looking forward to the next part. Good one, Lata.

  2. Good one. I can sure relate to the main character’s dilemma as I am at home and my kids are growing up so fast. I often feel bored and restless but I don’t miss the frantic frenzy of full time work and how exhausted I used to be. This is much better. Look forward to reading more.

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