Life of Ki #fiction


Ki closed the door of the house when the last of the family,  her youngest son left for school.  She looked forward to some quiet time, now that the morning rush was done.  She flopped on the bed and closed her eyes.  But her mind was restless.

Was this all that was there to her life? she pondered.  Get up in the mornings,  ensure everybody has their breakfast, lunch box,  neatly ironed clothes and they can leave for work or school in a smooth and efficient manner.  After over a decade of doing this,  Ki had got it down to a science of precision.  She could go through the motions in her sleep.

If she would have had a career,  would she have still been the same?  By now,  she would have been a Manager at some company.  She imagined herself living the life of a top executive.  In formal wear and neat hair,  she imagined herself zipping in and out of meetings with a folder in her hand,  hanging out with friends at a canteen,  going for a party,  being carefree.

But,  she had traded her corporate life for a home-maker when she became a mother.  It was a mutual decision with her husband Sam.  The plan was she could get back to work once the children have grown up.  But,  it looked like a distant dream.  And after all these years, Ki was not sure if she could catch up with the next generation.  Will she be still as good as she was earlier?  How will it feel working with colleagues 10 years her junior?  Was she now an experienced recruit or a fresh recruit?  With so many questions twirling in her head,  Ki gave up and dozed off.

To be continued…


10 thoughts on “Life of Ki #fiction

  1. O.. That’s sad..! She shouldn’t think like this.. She can probably start something of her own with the help of her husband.. It’s easier said than done, but at least she might land somewhere..

    Waiting for the next part..


  2. A story that probably resonates profoundly with scores of women homemakers! Love the flow of words. Look fwd to the continuation….

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