Life of Ki – Part 3 #fiction #NaBloPoMo


Ki couldn’t sleep for a better part of the night.  The excitement of getting back to work was making her restless.  She couldn’t wait to start looking for a job.  In her previous job,  she had worked as an Assistant in the company’s Export Department.  She was considered reliable and efficient.  She was having a group of friends all her age.  She had taken up this job after her graduation.  She had wanted to pursue a Masters course,  but decided to go for it after a year’s time.  But fate had other plans for her.  She had met Sam who used to work in one of the neighboring offices.  The Masters took a backseat and she decided to become his wife.  The families were happy about it and it was a grand wedding.

Both pursued their individual careers.  They felt they couldn’t be happier,  when Ki learnt she was pregnant.  Sam  changed his job to take over the additional financial requirements.  Ki worked till she was 8-months pregnant.  She had taken a maternity leave and and extended holiday of 6 months for the baby.   

Kruthika was a sickly child.  She would catch a cold at the slightest change of weather,  or a stomach upset or skin rashes.  Some or the other,  Ki had spent a lot of time with Kruthika at the doctor’s.  After  the maternity leave,  Sam and Ki decided that for Kruthika’s sake,  Ki should extend her leave till the baby is one.  The company decided to let go of Ki.

By the time Kruthika was two,  Ki was pregnant again and soon,  they had their son,  Shivom.  Ki was happy looking after the family.   Till recently,  when she felt she should get back to her long lost love,  her job.

Ki fell asleep sometime in the wee early morning.  She dreamt about herself working at a new place,  driving to keep an appointment and many more working woman images.  The next day, she woke up with a smile on her face.   As soon as she was free,  she would start job hunting,  she thought.


…To be continued

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