Some Indian Authors to read #NaBloPoMo

typewriter-407695_6402015 will go down in my life history as the year  I read a lot of varied books in different genres.  Some of them were very good and some were so terrible,  I couldn’t read or complete them.  Some of the authors I had read for the first time and some were debut authors.

It is a good time being an author in India.  Almost every week,  there is a new author being launched.

Listing below authors whose  next book I look forward to.   I have listed down the authors randomly and there is no ranking or sequence.  I am also mentioning only those authors whom I have read.


  1. Uday Satpathy – His first novel Brutal has been a runaway hit.  I can only imagine his next thriller to be more complex,  edge of the seat thriller.  Looking forward to his next one.
  2. Preethi Venugopal – I have been reading Preethi s blog.  But her novel, Without You, is like a breath of fresh air in the romance space.  She can build up the emotions, the tensions.  It was a feel good novel and would love to read more from her in future.
  3. Kirthi Jayakumar – Here is an author who can punch you with her emotional content and make you squirm in your chair.  If her writing will be in the same veins of The Doves Lament,  there is no stopping the lady.
  4. Vikram Dhawan – Kashmir House was a good espionage thriller.   If his subject will remain as Kashmir,  with some enhanced dialogue delivery,  he can give Uday Satpathy good competition.  I wish that happens as I can see only the readers benefiting from this.
  5. Namrata – Metro Diaries was a collection of short stories full of love.  I wish Namrata will write a full-fledged novel with all the elements.

Let me know more Indian authors I should read.


10 thoughts on “Some Indian Authors to read #NaBloPoMo

  1. Interesting reads, Lata! Haven’t read any of them actually! Currently reading C.Suresh’s- Humor ‘A Dog Eats Dog-Food World’, its just AMAZING!

  2. It does not look good for me to suggest my own Book for you to read . But you please check Blogger Parul of Bangalore ( Happinessandfood ) Review of my Book
    Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara . My first Book on short stories @ 63 . The Second Innings begins !

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