Son or daughter? #ShortStory

’It’s a boy again,’  said the doctor and showed the newborn to Dia.  Dia was happy.  But somewhere deep in her heart was a tinge of disappointment.  She wanted a girl child.  Of course,  she had nothing against the baby boy,  who was a part her.  But, she wanted a baby girl.  To indulge her with fancy, frilly dresses edged with lace and satin trimmings, matching shoes and a purse.  She wanted to buy her a hat with fancy adornments. 

330004418_677She would never be able to buy dolls for her.  Her thoughts went back to the toy kitchen set  which her friend Nita had.  How much she longed for them, to touch them, play with them?  Nita was blessed with multiple kitchen sets in steel and plastic,  3 mixer-grinders with additional jars.  Dia loved to clean it and keep it shiny at all times.  Many times she had seen the kitchen set strewn over the house at Nita’s home.  But,  she loved to pick them up and create the kitchen again.  It was then hours of preparing food,  vegetables made from leaves,  soup made of twigs.  

The baby boy’s wail brought Dia back to the present.   She looked at him tenderly and a teardrop escaped her eyes.  Gods wish, she thought and picked up the baby.



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8 thoughts on “Son or daughter? #ShortStory

  1. It’s strange that we humans always want what we don’t have. I wish Dia would have just let her son play with that kitchen set. Mine did for a long time. Unfortunately as he grew older the stereotypes caught up with him and that was the end of it. But he still loves to hang out in the kitchen.

    1. Stereotyping is a sad fact of life. I cant imagine anyone giving dolls to boys. Funnily, when we shop for toys, the shopkeeper asks for the age and gender of the toy receipient. Its a big business.

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