Life Of Ki – Part 4 #Fiction

sunset-690240_640Ki finished her morning routine chores by 10 am and decided to take a short break before she starts to focus on the lunch routine.  Ki prepared her favourite coffee and sat down to read the newspaper.  She remembered that she had to look up for jobs.

She went to the classifieds section and started searching.  She wanted something nearby.  And nowadays many women were working from home.  She felt that would suit her better.  There were many requirements under the ‘Work From Home’ category.  Mostly promising 20,000 – 50,000 Rupees in a month.  That would be too good, felt Ki.   She had not yet prepared her resume.  But the job requirement did not mention what skills are needed.  She decided to call them and phoned the contact number.  A lady picked up the phone. 

‘Good morning!  Aarti consultants,’ said the voice.

‘H-hello.  I am Ki.  I saw your newspaper advertisement and want to apply for the work from home role,’ said Ki.

‘Ok.  You will have to come over to meet us.  I can give the details when we meet.’

‘But,  what are you looking for?’ asked KI.

‘I can tell you all the details when you drop in.  It is a simple job.  Many housewives and college students are doing it.  Even men have recently started working for us.  Write down the address.   Do not delay,  there are only limited opportunities. ‘

With that the phone was disconnected.  Ki felt the lady was rude and why couldn’t she tell the details over the phone.

Ki spoke to her husband Sam and decided to go over to the office the same day.  But first,  she needed to create a resume.  She retrieved her last resume on the computer.  It started off describing her ambition.

“To reach the highest objectives of sustainability, maintenance and re-usability of software development  created with the best standards in the industry.”

So many ambitions she had.  Once, she had even toyed with the idea of having her own startup.  But life had to have its own whims and fancies.

She decided on wearing a rust colored Kurta with delicate, white gold-printed churidar.  It made her skin glow and look good.  She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled.  Confidence.  She got her matching bag and wore her black no-nonsense sandals.

The maid will be there when the children arrive.  She left a message and got into her car.  It would be her  first interview in years.


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    1. Exactly what I want to highlight. Many of my friends want to get back to working. But unlike what is shown in the papers, it is a very dismal environment. Only few are lucky.

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