Ninety Seconds in a day

coffee-889136_640It’s a daily morning ritual, just after the kids are off to school,  and I get a moment’s respite.  Me or the husband prepares tea.  We hold the warm tea-cup in our hands and look outside the window.  A few minutes of peace before the next schedule of getting ready for work starts for both of us.

“He is late today,” the husband observes.  I know he is talking about the short, bald guy who walks to work everyday with an arm around his missus.  I find them so romantic.  We had named them the “newly weds”.  But,  its been a couple of years and they still walk the same way.

“You didn’t keep the water for the birds.  Look at them fluttering at the window,”  husband again.  There is a peepul tree right outside the window.  It grows by leaps and bounds every day.  It is home to many birds who chirp away happily in the mornings.  I refill the water tray.  Pigeons,  sparrows, crows, mynas quench their thirst the whole day.   I love it when they try to peek inside.

“That lady is never gonna lose weight,”  I declare.  The road outside my window has a lot of morning walkers in all shapes and sizes. 

There is also a chai-wallah at the corner of the road.  Morning walkers and the rickshaw drivers have their morning cuppa there.   The school buses and school children can be seen dashing to reach their destinations.  Moms in nightgowns and pyjamas, dropping off the children.

The ground beyond  the road is huge and empty.  It’s a private ground which is thankfully untouched by construction.  Its misty today due to winter.  It’s a vibrant green with overgrown grass during the rains and brown during summer.  But in winter,  its shades of green, yellows and brown.  The mist just hangs in suspension.

We sip the last of the tea,  discuss the days’ activities and start on the daily cycle of life,  mentally refreshed.

This post is for Blogarhythm’s prompt – In Ninety Seconds by Sid Balachandran


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  1. Those ninty seconds that you two spend. A small but satisfying respite before you are ready to take the duties of the world. Nice description

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