The first challenge for 2016


With my past dismal history of participating in challenges,  I should not really take up any more challenges.  But,  let me leave the negatives of 2015 and move on to a more positive 2016.   This year I am combining my love for books and challenges into one and participating in the Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge 2016.  2015-Outdo-Yourself-Reading-Challenge

2015 has been a great year for me with regards to books and all things related to books.  I have always loved to read.  But somehow,  post marriage and then children,  the reading habit fell by the way.  It had fallen to the point of not reading anything at all.  But,  life was great and I didn’t miss a lot.  

Since 2014 when I started using Twitter,  I met a lot of like-minded readers who  loved books to the extent of everything else.  I must thank the twitter book club @TSBookClub which re-ignited my passion to read.  Slowly and steadily I got back into the habit of reading.  Though I have not recorded all my reads this year,  it has been the year I read the maximum books.

Next year,  I attempt to read 25 novels / anthologies calculating I can complete 2 books a month.   At this point, I do not have a theme for my reads.  My bookshelf is groaning under the weight of my TBRs and this will be a good opportunity to clear them.  That puts me on the Level –

I’m on Fire!: read 16+ more books (or 4,000+ more pages)

Looking forward to the challenge.  Those who want to participate,  follow this link.



14 thoughts on “The first challenge for 2016

  1. The same for me too. I find it difficult to keep with a challenge. I read when I feel like, which doesn’t occur every day. But when I start reading, I ready four to five books in a row.
    Hope you complete the challenge:)
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  2. This sounds interesting! Feeling pepped to read more. 2015 was not much reading. 2016 here I come! Currently reading C.Suresh’s ‘A Dog Eat Dog Food World’….good fun 🙂

  3. All the best, Lata. I am not signing up for this challenge, but I will try to read more in 2016 than I read in 2015, that is more than 6 books. 🙂 Shouldn’t be hard, you will think. 😉

  4. Challenges and I don’t mix well together. But this time I’m thinking of giving it a shot. Two books a month for me is an ambitious target. Let me go read up the details. Maybe I’ll join in. Looking forward to reading about your journey :-).

  5. I haven’t done much reading in 2015. Let’s see if 2016 turns out better in this respect. Don’t feel upto signing up for any challenges though. 😛

  6. Wow, lucky you! I’ve not been able to catch up on my reading at the pace I would like to due to work commitments. All the best for the challenge!

  7. Good luck with your challenge. My reading goes in swings and roundabouts – months when I do heaps of reading and then months when I read very little.

  8. All the best Lata…I had taken up the challenge to read 50 books this year but I have only reached somewher e in the 20s…Maybe next year I’ll keep the challenge more realistic…25 sounds doable… 🙂

  9. 2015 is the year I read the most number of books too! Sad thing is, I don’t see myself taking up challenges. Whenever I’ve taken up a challenge, I’ve thought of it as a chore, and I guess there’s something intrinsically rebellious in me that I just give up just because I can’t stand the fact that there’s a challenge looming over my head. Strange ways I think in!

    1. Sreesha, I feel the same way too. The moment I see challenge, I feel pressured and dont want to do it. Hopefully, I manage to achieve this. But, thankfully I dont feel bad about not clearing a blog challenge, I have many excuses.

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