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coffee-889136_640As you all know,  I have been out-of-action, off-the-grid on the normal life routines for close to a month now and there is another week and half to go before I get back to work.  After the initial two weeks post my surgery,  things have taken up a routine though a different one.  Life is slower, definitely.  I get to see it, taste it and savour it.   The best is I get a lot of time to do things I love.  I get more time to write,  with my children and the husband.  I also noticed some changes in life which happened accidentally as a consequence.  I just hope I can continue with atleast some of them in future.

  1. Not being online the whole day – I realized that there was no need to be updated about the ‘news’ all the time.  I need not know what celebrities are wearing or whom are they dating or whom they split up with.  In fact,  I started skipping the whole thing in the newspaper too.  Who cares?  It is also curing my need to be on the know all the time.
  2. Leaving the smartphone and forgetting all about it – I realized I need not be carrying my smartphone all the time in the kitchen, on the balcony,  when lying on the bed.  I have started to forget where I left it.  I would pick it up only when it rings or I want to check on the mail.  I have my hands free.
  3. Disconnecting from Wi-fi – Another thing I did, disconnected the wi-fi.  Let me tell you how peaceful it was.  Suddenly,  I was surrounded by my sons who did not know what to do in the absence of a wi-fi network.  We actually spoke and told each other about our day.
  4. Watching movies on DVD – I dusted off the DVD player which is the most neglected electronic appliance at home.  We put on some old and new Malayalam movies and had a blast.  The sons picked up some Malayalam words as a result.  Watching a movie with no ad-breaks,  is really good.
  5. Reading my choices – I get many books for reviewing which I do over the weekend.  Thus,  most of the times,  I do not get a choice on what I want to read.  But,  this month,  I chose to read review books and my personal choices alternately.   It gives a more wholesome experience bringing back the joy in reading.

Let me know what are some of the habits of normal routine life which you wish to change?



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  1. Connecting by disconnecting, right? 🙂 I use my smartphone to read blogs mostly. Facebook was deleted but I have reinstalled again and deleted again and so goes the circle. My son doesn’t like watching Malayalam movies but he is putting his effort to learn Malayalam. I hope you are doing better since the surgery, Lata.

  2. these are amazing changes you are doing in your life 😀 Quite tough to disconnect wifi huh 😛
    I have been following a workout plan since last year and now it’s a part of my lifestyle. Never imagined that a lazy bum like me would work so hard 😛

  3. Oh, Kudos to that! My smartphone had a crack on it’s display and I was using a normal old Nokia phone for about two weeks. Initially, I was pissed off with no Internet/Wi-fi, touchscreen and all those “luxuries”. But then I got so used to it, that now I simply don’t care. I find that I have loads of time to myself. About the books too. I purchased few books of my choice last weekend and I’m pretty happy that I could read them. 🙂 Get well soon!

  4. A few days back, inspired by Shailaja’s blog post I switched off all the notifications on my phone. So now I am spared from checking my phone everytime a mail from the likes of Jabong or limeroad gets delivered or when somebody posts a status update or comments on FB or when somebody shares my post or likes, retweets on twitter. I check my phone once or twice in a day now and it has been liberating. I feel glad you had a good week. Getting to read what appeals to our heart sounds so good.

    1. Thanks Anamika. Isnt it very peaceful with nothing, pinging for our attention all the time? Lets say we need to control the smartphone, instead of the other way round. Good to know you are already attacking the issue.

  5. Hey, hope you well now. Writing is an addiction, like the drugs in our life. One thing I’d like to change is to remove internet connection from the smart phone and reduce smoking.

    1. I don’t want to get away from blogging. It is what I love to do for myself. Its the temptation of the internet which I want to stay away from. Keep blogging!

    1. Hi Vasantha, the issue I want to tackle is the need to be attached to my smartphone all the time. Its a wasteful activity with no great benefits. Blogging is what I love to do and can spend the whole day to do it. Thanks.

  6. Hope you recover soon Lata… Did you change the colours of the blog? They remind me of coffee and caramel now! I like your list and hope you stick by these 🙂

  7. Agree with all the pointers you have shared. Staying away from social media and dumping the smart phone for some time in the day is a good idea. It increases my productivity and I can get so much done in a short period of time. And I am ALL for reading my choices… I dont want to read books that are dull and boring. Just because, I want to finish what I started, takes away so much of the reading time and leaves me unhappy/unsatisfied too. So, it is going to be only the books I want to read. Good luck with the changes you want, Lata 🙂

    1. I agree with reading boring books at times. I do give the book atleast about 100 pages before I give up. I have bestsellers waiting for me to find time to read. This year, I will have to make up for it. The be st thing with reviews is, it has got me into a good habit of reading daily.

  8. I hope you’re getting better, Lata. It’s amazing how disconnected we can feel when we’re so ‘connected’. I’m glad I’m not on Whatsapp and now spend considerably less time online. Like you said, it’s so freeing.

    1. Thanks Corinne. I also resonate with your WOTY and am banishing all useless stuff from life as well. I still have a long way to go before I am completely cured.

  9. I don’t subscribe to any newspaper nor do I have any cable TV at home, so that is helpful in keeping me sane 🙂 My only source of news (selected for my interest) is online media, so I log on to that just to stay updated on major happenings, without going into too many details. Celebrity gossip and pop-entertainment stuff etc has never been my thing anyway. But I agree that deliberately cutting oneself off from social media/online stuff does bring in a sense of peacefulness and quiet to our mental homes. I had a rather relaxed weekend, some outing with friends, some sleeping in, a music concert and some great food (restaurant and home-cooked).

    1. I love to read the newspaper. But, not into TV Serials or much of TV. Only now I am watching something or the other. But, again, I would rather curl up with a book. Looks like you had a good weekend with close friends.

  10. I’ve made it a habit to go offline these days Lata – I am so glad you did. I think at some point it gets so saturated that we need a break from the noise. 🙂 Good to see you recovering! Sending you love!

  11. I always make sure Facebook is disconnected on weekends. Twitter is an exception, but my weekend consumption of internet is definitely and significantly less than my weekdays.

    I used to be the forgot-where-I-left-my-phone types before my son arrived. Now, if ever, I leave my phone unattended, it is thrown across the room like a ball. So I guard my phone like a diamond whether or not I like it 😛

    Hey, I didn’t know about your surgery. Hope you’re well. Take care.

    1. Thanks Sreesha. I am recovering well. My children are pre-teen and teen. So, they love their phones more than anything else. So, I can forget about the phone. It took lot of practice though.

    1. Start by trying it be offline during early mornings or only post 10pm. Slowly build it up. Whoever wants to reach you urgently, can call anyways 🙂 Wish you luck.

  12. Totally awesome. I did something similar over the weekend. Just did not feel the need to login to social media. Spent a lot of time planning and making meals. Need to make more time for reading though.

    1. I feel we are totally swamped with online stuff and it is so easy to get online, and lose hours reading and surfing useless stuff. Before we know it an hour or two is gone. Thanks Rachna.

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