Love found, again #TalesOf2015

Year 2015 is the year I found love again.  I had forgotten the thrill of falling in love, the excitement of seeing your loved one.  I had fallen in love with my husband about 17 years ago.  Life cleared out the pink glasses, roughened out the smooth edges of romance.   The dust settled as we got onto the roles of husband, wife and then mother, father.  Not to mention the myriad of roles as uncle & aunty,  brother and sister.   And, after 17 years,  love was just an emotion that had happened long ago.

That is when life surprised us.  It threw us into a health crisis,  testing the limits of our relationship.  Let me tell you,  my husband is one of the unromantic ones.  So,  there would be no surprise presents and candle-light dinners.  I had the presents and the dinners, of course.  But,  it did not have the romantic tone to it.

Towards, the end of 2015,  it was diagnosed that I need to go through 2 surgeries.  With both of us working,  and two sons,  the diagnosis had a major impact in our life.  We had to plan,  even micro-plan every action,  we needed to do to reach our goal of successive surgery and post-surgery care.

That was when I realised why I love my husband, Sunil, so much.  Or rather,  how much he loves me?  He meticulously planned (he is very organised in contrast to my perpetually disorganised state) the steps, the actions, arranging for medical costs, unexpected emergencies, validating the diagnosis and even the doctor.  Though I am the programmer who does the IF <this> THEN <do this> ELSE <do that> boolean steps for a living,  I was at a loss this time.  Perhaps a bit overwhelmed with advice pouring in from all places.

Finally,  the surgeries happened in December.   Sunil was with me throughout the hospital stay.  All the nights and most of the day.  The mornings were the duty of my younger brother to babysit me (reversal of what I used to do when he was small).  The children were taken care of by the in-laws.  Sunil,  who can sleep through non-stop for more than 12 hours,  was at my beck and call throughout the nights.  He would physically lift me up (and I am no feather-weight), help me walk,  bathe me and do everything for me (even change TV channels, and kill stray mosquitoes hovering around me).

And I realised,  the power of love.  It is not just romance all the time.  But,  it is the unconditional support given in sickness and in health,  that is love.  It expects nothing in return.  It just wants to stop suffering,  just wishes the best.  That is love.

The emotion that was having a contented sleep in my heart, was awakened again.  His actions are louder than his words.  I want to tell him,  “I love you too.”  But,  I should just probably show him my love.


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19 thoughts on “Love found, again #TalesOf2015

  1. Oh I remember you said you are on a break, this is the reason. I wish you speedy recover and I loved reading this post. Crisis really help us to show who are the people really meant to be important for us. I have faced crisis many a times, the real face of my friends have been shown to me. I am glad to have identified the right and wrong people in my life.

  2. Oh! Sorry to learn about your health crisis, Lata. Wishing you a speedy recovery and glad to know that you found love anew through all the pain and sufferings that you endured! I can very well relate to your thoughts as I too went though something similar last summer and the long road to recovery showed me the power and the manifestations of love and care, which made me deeply grateful for what I have. Ironical, that it is during these trying moments that we often discover the true meaning of love!

  3. Didn’t know about your health issues, Lata. I hope you are okay now. But I must say, it felt good to read this post. Years later sometimes it so happens that love became invisible, that is only because we are living that perfect love, right? And yeah, love is not the romance for sure. 🙂 Take care of yourself! 🙂

  4. Love shows itself in the strangest of ways and at the strangest of times. Hope your health issues are resolved soon so that you can share more love.

  5. True that, Lata. I have seen that in my Dad when Mamma was diagonised with Cancer years ago. Im glad you found love again. Hope you are well too. Have a happy and blessed new year. 🙂

  6. How sweet is that! The thing is there are all kinds of love – there’s the romantic over the top kind and then there’s the understated show rather than say kind. They’re both cute I’d say. Glad you rediscovered yours.

  7. I hope your recovery is going well, Lata. Your husband sounds like a wonderful person and you’re so right. it’s about the caring and unconditional love, not necessarily the big, romantic gestures. Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2016!

  8. I am so sorry. I didn’t know anything bout your illness or subsequent surgeries. Hope you have completely overcome your disease. Take care. And I could relate with this post since I had a similar episode way back in 2004, less the girls. 🙂

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