Should you be stressed out? #MondayMusings


Two more days to go before I get back to work and I can already see myself getting sucked in the vortex of work, timelines, deadlines, late evenings, weekends gone.   Atleast, the first year of the month has been a success.  Well,  what can you do if you are limited to your room.  But,  I spent a lot of time reading with 5 books already done and some half read.  I spent time with the children.  I liked the relaxed atmosphere wherein I didn’t really have to rush through every activity before getting onto that meeting which has already started.  Would it not be fun,  if all days were like this?  Would we appreciate it if all days were the same?  We may have something else to crib about.  

I am grateful to my job which gives me financial independence and flexibility to indulge in my hobbies, besides giving me satisfaction of having a job well done.  However, one of my resolutions this year has been to reduce stress.  So,  let me take a few deep breaths,  close my eyes and relive my life in slow motion.   Most of the times,  I remember the wonder women who do all these and yet look perfect,  with not a hair out-of-place.  They love to flaunt their perfect lives making you feel even more miserable.  And do not go by those Facebook photos.  Lately,  I have realised that such a woman does not exist. I have searched,  but not found anyone.  Maybe,  there is one.  But,  99% people just aspire to be her and fail trying, triggering another stress attack.

I follow a different motto in life now.  As long as you and the family are healthy and happy,  everything else can be sorted out or can wait.

Do you also feel stressed?  How do you handle it?


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12 thoughts on “Should you be stressed out? #MondayMusings

  1. Stress is my middle name! Exercise helps me keep it at bay but yeah, I can get stressed easily about stuff like finances, health, work. I need to stop comparing with others too…as you said, Facebook is not the truth!

    Hope your first week of work was good

    1. Low doses of stress should be fine. Be healthy and happy. That will keep the stress at bay.
      My first week was ok as low priority work assigned. I should shift gears next week. Thanks Sanch for asking. Felt good 🙂

  2. Now-a-days, stress has become an integral part of our lives. Keeping it at bay is challenging but is needed more than ever. I practice Reiki and it truly helps me to calm and soothe my mind.

  3. I used to get very stressed over just the juggling of every day duties. Something always was left undone.
    However, that changed in the second half of last year. Not things getting left undone, but me stressing over them.
    A tragic event in the extended family made me reflect on the wonderful life that we live, and that there is so much to be thankful for.
    I share your motto since then – As long as everyone is healthy and happy, we should really not sweat the small stuff.

  4. Totally agree to the fact that if family is safe and healthy, rest all can be managed. Stress – I don’t take much. I think I am an easy going person and Iet go easily. If something is a lot on my mind, I would just talk it out to someone and then I am calm all over again.
    You have a good and relaxed days ahead. Don’t let work become your life. It’s just a part of it 🙂

    1. Hey Parul, I am normally very calm and patient. I feel we sometimes set very unrealistic expectations of ourselves which makes us restless. Sometimes, it is best to just let got. Be who you are. With blogging, I have me stress reliever 🙂

  5. Thank you for that beautiful, inspiring quote in the picture 🙂
    I agree with you that though grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence, the day we set our health, family & happiness as our priorities, everything begins to get better.

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