Day 3 : Blame it on them #BBAW

Nowadays, for every book I read,  I check out my fellow book bloggers who might have reviewed them.  This is because,  once you get the taste and preferences of a certain reviewer,  you can make out if the book is for you or not.  It is unfair to name only one blogger whose recommendations I follow.   Let me put in three bloggers whose reviews and recommendations have made me pick up books even without reading the blurb.    Book-blogger-1-768x768

My favourite reviews are by Sudha G(@sudhagee) from  I know her through her blog and Instagram account.  She writes book reviews but she is not just a book blogger.  She writes about a wide variety of things like places she visits with very well-researched historical backgrounds.  I love her writing style.  Her Instagram account (sudhageee) is an extension of the blog, yet has its own individuality.  She runs weekly series in them based on a topic.  Recently,  she did a series on Mahabharat.  This great mythological poem has been written with different takes, perspectives by authors since time immemorial. Similarly,  she had done a series on Ramayana,  Mumbai and its art deco architecture, Mumbai buildings.  

Sudha’s recommendations are spot on for me.  She is also one half (which was one third earlier) of  a Twitter book club @TSBookClub which has regular virtual meetings and giveaways (who wouldn’t want to chat about books).

Based on my tastes,   through her book club,  she had sent me the book ‘Forest of Stories’ by Ashok Banker.  It was spot on.  I loved the book.  Next,  she had put up the review of the book ‘One Part Woman’ by ‘Perumal Murugan‘.  I loved it so much, I ordered the book right away.  The book was even better.   I also picked up a non-fiction book ‘The History of South India’ which I am yet to read.  Similarly,  recently she had mentioned to pick up Shashi Tharoor’s ‘The Great Indian Novel’ which is another interpretation of the Mahabharat.  I bought the book and am reading it now.  It is a different take and so far I have found it funny and though I know the story,  I do not know where the book will take me.  Next in line is Kanishk Tharoor’s ‘Swimmer Among the Stars’.  I had read a free chapter from the book and loved the writing.  So, that is on my wishlist.

Other reviewers I love to read are Sreesha Divakaran’s (@petrichorclouds)   Rain and a Book. Our tastes are different,  but her recommendations are excellent with some very good reasonings, many of them are now on my TBR list.

I had also picked up Palace of Illusions by Chitra Divakaruni based on Shantala’s (@shanayatales)  recommendation at  It has been one of my best reads of 2015.  She even recommended this #BBAW fun week.

The list is endless, but I am limiting myself to only three.

Check out these book bloggers and let me know whose reviews you like to follow.

7 thoughts on “Day 3 : Blame it on them #BBAW

  1. Thanks for the mention! I wanted to do BBAW too, but as I mentioned on Twitter, I knew I’d be tied up most of this week. It sounds really great!! And I love talking about books!!!

  2. I confess that I mainly proposed bringing back Book Blogger Appreciation Week so I could learn about some new-to-me bloggers, and I am pleased to report that my evil plot is working PERFECTLY. Adding all these folks to my feedly!

  3. You’re the second person this week mentioning Perumal Murugan. I have to pick a few books by that author. I also enjoy Chitra Divakaruni’s books, which reminds me that I need to read more of them.

  4. “Mumbai and it’s art deco architecture”. That would be a wonderful change of pace. There are a few examples of this type of architecture here in upstate New York, in the northeast United States – that intrigues me.

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