8 thoughts on “Going Against Type #BookReview

  1. Hi again,
    Just wanted to say that it’s available from all e-bookstores. So whether you have a Kindle or an Apple, or a Nook or Kobo, you can get the book. And it’s readily available at Amazon India.
    Take care, and thanks for all your kind comments,

  2. That’s a good written review- haven’t heard about that book, but the story sounds a bit familiar. Anyway a positive romantic easy- read can never be wrong.. I think:-)

  3. Hi Lata,
    It’s a gorgeous, cold but sunny afternoon here in Dublin, Ireland. I just wanted to say hi and to thank you so much for reviewing Going Against Type. I’m thrilled you enjoyed it and delighted to see it posted here.
    I wish you and your readers a lovely day and very best wishes,

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