If we were having coffee ..27 February #weekendcoffeeshare

If we were having coffee I would say a big hello to all of you.  Its been two months since I wrote my last coffee share post.  But,  life got in the way and I did not really feel like putting in a post just for the sake of it.  So,  I have loads to tell you.  Here’s the cup of hot kaapi.

I did take a break owing to surgery.  But,  though I was away from work and bed ridden for almost a month,  I read like crazy.  I took full advantage of the down time to read away many of my ever-growing TBR list.  There are still many more.  I think I have books to last me a year atleast even if I read everyday.  And I am really grateful about it.  There is never a dull moment in life because of books.  

Yesterday,  I went to office by train for the first time in over two months.  It felt so good to be independent again,  just to be able to get back into my jeans and to get on to the train.  I love to observe the goings on in the train.  The entrepreneurs selling their knickknacks in the train,  the young children who want to be at the window seat,  the stubborn ladies who don’t leave the window seat for a baby.  I find it strange why someone can’t allow a child to sit at the window seat.  Then the women, with their eyes closed, who are deep in their prayers but ensure that the fan is on and the breeze is reaching them,  no one is stepping on their toes and god forbid if you touch them by mistake.  The train compartment is really a mini-India with all its varieties in religion, social statuses, colors and ages.  When I got down from the train,  I saw a very familiar sight which tugged at my heart.  It was a lady carrying a 3-year-old child and an overnight bag.  But, the moment she got down,  a man who looked like her father,  came running and took over the child with hugs and kisses.  Aww.. how much I miss my Dad.  He used to wait for me at the railway station when I used to visit them.  He does so even now,  but now my kids have grown and they carry the bag while Papa is just there to receive us.

Since a week back I have been working on my blog to give it a simpler, neater and low maintenance appearance.  Thanks to the many tips from Nose Graze.  If you haven’t been there,  check it out.  Lot of awesome tips and coding which I love.  Also, by participating in the Books Blogger Appreciation Week or #BBAW,  I have learnt many new and simpler ways to do stuff.  As a result, I changed the way I formatted my book reviews.  Check out the #BBAW tag on twitter.

The highlight of this month has been the review I did for Author Sharon Black.  I had asked her to recommend me to her friends.  But,  I have been bombarded with email messages. I have to yet reply to all.  I don’t think I can read so many books.  So,  if anyone is interested in doing additional reviews for romance, fantasy, historical fiction on a kindle,  let me know.

Home and Work have been going great for me.  Wishing you all great health and happiness.  Take care.

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  1. Glad to know you are doing well and see you back.

    The way you have portrayed the kid being received by the man is really pleasing.

    Keep enjoying your humongous collection of books ☺️

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