Mondays and Mid-life crisis #MondayMusings

HCKI was at home alone over the week,  which happens a lot, lately.  But this week,  there was literally no one at home, not even the maid.   It was really lonely what with Valentines Day on Sunday.  I was tired of the over-excited marketing folks trying to sell to over-excited people in love and also those who were not in love while I was suffering indifference.

The husband had to fly out early Sunday morning.  I read the V-Day hoopla with mild amusement.  It could just not be ignored.  The TV channels were showing famous romantic movies to get you in the mood.  Surfing channels, I chanced upon the movie Sex and the City-2.  I was a big fan of their television series and so decided to watch it.

The four girlfriends were in late middle age with Samantha being 52 but thinking of herself as 32.  The other three were married.  Carrie  who is married to Mr. Big now is bored with their monotonous life.  He comes back from work and wants to do nothing but flop down on the couch and watch TV.  Carrie is all dressed up and wants to go to a party.  She feels they have now become a boring old couple and there is no sparkle in their marriage.  She ends up nagging him to get off the couch and switch off the TV. Somehow,  it resonated with my life.  The children are growing up and they do not need me to be around most of the time.   We have been married almost 18 years.  And this Valentines atmosphere really got me down.   Not that my husband or children do not love me,  but its reality.

At the end of the movie,  Mr. Big gives Carrie a huge black diamond ring.  When she asks him, why he gave her a black diamond?  He says,  because you are special.  To which Carrie replies,  I thought you would say,  it matches your dark soul.   And she is surprised and happy with the unexpected response.

To many extent,  we are also like that.  After 18 years,  we know what the other one is going to do or say.  Its predictable.

But still,  the husband came home late on Saturday.  I was preparing tea.  He sneaked into the kitchen, hugged me and gave me a bar of chocolate.  My favourite dark chocolate.  I was so surprised.  He is not a very demonstrative guy and I was really surprised.  Then, he also gave me a sling bag made of leather.  Double surprise.  And a lot of loving words.  Now my joy knew no bounds.

Sometimes,  just sometimes,  it is good to be unpredictable.  I do not want to end up being a boring old couple who just nag and complain and discuss boring things like finance.  Instead of waiting for the sparkle to happen,  it would help to put some efforts and create the sparkle.

Happy Valentines!  I should have put this up yesterday,  but I was floating in air.


7 thoughts on “Mondays and Mid-life crisis #MondayMusings

  1. Wow..!! That was such a sweet nice gesture.. moments like these gave us so many memories and make everything so so special with our spouses.. It was a delight to read your post.. specially the end 🙂


  2. I think that’s absolutely lovely. It shows that he still dotes on you. And after so long, that is truly beautiful. Being predictable maybe safe but the unpredictabiility is what you remember

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