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Priyanks-Chopra-Movies-e1416422873730Today,  I am mightily proud of Priyanka Chopra and what she represents as an Indian woman.  Oh no,  I don’t know her personally, nor am I a big fan of her movies.  But,  I am a big fan of Priyanka Chopra,  the person,  the woman,  the Indian woman.  PeeCee or PC as she is popularly called,  has surely lit the torch today for many more to follow.  She is being declared as one of the best dressed females at the Oscars on every news site one should care for.  And no,  it is just not in India and the sub-continent,  but all over the world.

Dig a little deeper and we’ll find that the lady has charted a different path in her life at various stages.  When everyone had written her off,  she re-invented herself.  She created a new tributary and went off a different path,  only to then have others follow her.  

Her parents are doctors and surely everyone would have expected her to follow the same.  She comes from a non-film background.  Yet,  she went on to win the Miss World pageant in 2000.   She moved on to movies and won awards there – both the National awards and the popular awards.  And when we thought the sun is down on her career,  she went on to sing.  And not just any song,  it’s a song that goes on to be a chart buster in the US & Canada.  Then of course, Quantico happened.  She wins an award for that too.  And today she presented an award at the Oscars in one of the most beautiful gowns (says the media).  And next are Hollywood movies.  I had thought,  now she will not act in Hindi movies.  But,  her next movie Jai Gangajal is due for release.  Well,  if all that is not enough,  she is also very good in handling social media by being one of the first ones to take to Twitter among the movie stars.  She has been a UN Goodwill ambassador,  she is very vocal about women’s rights.  Phew!

Hats off to you lady,  for being so good at everything you do.  I wish,  our women will also take up some encouragement from you.  Dust off the glitter and the glamour and we can see a very hard-working woman who is probably pushed to the limits like us all and the only way she knows is to bounce back even more stronger.  She dares to do it better than you, letting her actions do all the talking.

If she can do it,  why can’t we?  Like her,  dare to be different,  believe in yourself,  your abilities and work hard.  Success will surely follow.   Mondaymusings-1

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25 thoughts on “Woman of Substance #MondayMusings

  1. The latest feather in her hat is supercool. I mean, PeeCee is always pushing herself to achieve new heights. She’s the most admirable woman ever!

    Loved this post, Lata, and I intend to catch up on all your lovely posts! 🙂

  2. I completely echo the sentiment here. This woman does not back off! She took on Kareena in a media fight and emerged as the better person IMO. And like you rightly said, she packed her bags to Hollywood and is making it big there. The very eople who wrote her off in Bollywood would sing tons of praises when she gets back 🙂

  3. I too love her because she is very hardworking … and she has excelled at whatever she tried to do !! I hate it when people criticise her for fake accent or whatever. She’s amazing … her achievements make me feel proud and inspire too.

  4. The moment I clicked on this blog’s link and landed up here, I got a refreshing feel and I realised it was the header. The colours are soothing.
    I admire Priyanka Chopra too for her grit and unrelenting demeanour. I thought she was horrible in terms of acting in her first movie Andaz but she has a come a long way since then.

    1. Thanks Anamika for the header. I am also not a big fan of Priyanka Chopra’s movies. I have seen very few of them. But, she as a person is amazing.

  5. So fascinating to see what people are capable of if they believe in themselves. Surely admirable that she has reached where she has in this time.

  6. I completely agree with you. I don’t know why but when I first saw her as Miss India, I told my daughter that this girl will go far. At that time though, I didn’t know how far but I’m glad she is where she is. I didn’t get to see the Oscar ceremony but I’m sure I’d have got the goosies had I seen PC. I simply love all her roles right from the vamp in Don to the Peshwa’s wife.

  7. Lata , Piggy Cops was born and bread in America but…….. still she has traditional qualities and looks intact .She is not showy or smoochy type this quality makes her ‘unique’ from the others actresses who belong to her own age group .

  8. You’ve got a fabulous header, Lata! Love the vibrant colours!! Priyanka comes across as a person with strong work ethics…I like her energy and her ability to keep trying new genres…(adding singing to her skillset!) and her unconventional looks! Very inspiring concluding lines to your post!

  9. When she decided to enter movies, everyone said she would be a failure, because according to most, she did not have “conventional good looks” She not only proved them wrong, she’s reached where she is today! And yes, I’ve not seen a lot of her movies, and not a fan of her music either, but I’ve always liked her as a person.

  10. She has certainly come a long long way from her first few films. I like that she tries new things and that she’s not afraid to step out of her comfort zone. That’s one lesson I’d need to learn. Great choice Lata.

  11. Lata I have always loved her. Because she is so restless. Trying on new things all the time. I often say this if I were to be an actress would want to be her, not for her success but how she has conducted her journey so far 🙂

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