Excuses for not writing #MondayMusings

Every time I think of writing a post or even writing,  I feel weighed down by a whole lot of other activities which I have to do.  I wouldn’t have really minded if it was an occasional thing.  We all have our daily issues and we live through it.  But,  I see the excuses are mounting and I really feel like looking into the distance to see the light but all I can focus on is the distance to the light,  the colorful ring around the light and the itch to look at something else.

But,  I want to get my mojo back.  I want my mojo back.  I want it back.  I have been trying to demolish my excuses so that I have an answer every time it raises its ugly head.

Some excuses of late – shield-417826_640

  1. I have to review the book ‘The Dormant State’.  It is a good book and it talks about topics close to my heart.  So,  I made a plan to complete it.  I have 140 pages pending to read.  Divide them by 3 days which is roughly 46 pages.  Then I divided again by 2.  So, twenty pages in the morning and twenty in the night.  Ah,  that’s only half an hour in the morning and another half in the night.
  2. The A to Z challenge.  Frankly,  I see people with such lovely themes and declarations of posts scheduled, and I feel down.  I had planned to write up atleast 10 posts over the three day holiday weekend.  But,  what I get is 5 sets of guests and the cricket match.  It was fun and I don’t know where the weekend went.  I am rubbing my eyes.  I couldn’t write anything.  But,  this time I plan to not give up.  So,  wrote the first post.   The ice is broken.  There is some editing needed,  but it is a start.   Also,  I try to remember ‘Why we write?’
  3. The work load.  It is heavy due to the long weekend and people going on leave.  But, hopefully,  it will be manageable by next week.
  4. The ideas do not seem to come through.  With prompts from our BAR,  innumerable daily prompt sites,  and even WordPress’ own daily prompt.  I surely do  not have an excuse there.  But,  then my imagination has really gone for a toss.
  5. I am not happy about the posts I have written of late.  Somehow,  it is feeling like forced writing.  I am not enjoying it.  The pressure to write is putting off all the pleasure of writing.  I am unable to get rid of this excuse.  Do you have any suggestions?
  6. I will also be on a review break.  I want to read my own books.  I am having a pile of TBRs which I am dying to read.  But unable to do so because of the review obligations.  I have cut down on taking new books.  Let me get to them bestsellers and classics on my shelf.  It will surely put me in a better mood.
  7. Also need to get healthy.  So,  now,  when I get 30 mins,  i go for a walk instead of sitting down and writing.  But,  I have a neat plan for that.  During the children’s vacations, I will go for early morning walks instead of the evening walk.  And I get an extra hour in the evening to write.
  8. I need to spend more time with the children.  Both my children are in their teens and pre-teens.  They are a handful but independent.  In fact, sometimes too independent.  I realised I do not need to do things for them anymore.  But,  they need me to just talk to them.  Much water has passed under the bridge. Now, I just sit with them without telling them to do something or ask questions related to studying which I used to do a lot earlier.  Slowly,  they have started talking.  And it is the most beautiful of times.  I do realise,  right now they need me more than my blog.  I cannot give up on this.



The struggle is to get that elusive half an hour or one hour which I need for blogging.  I will get there,  I know.  Because I want to.

Do you also have to fight the Excuse monster?

21 thoughts on “Excuses for not writing #MondayMusings

  1. I am falling short of time but I do work on my urge to write. But I also feel that if you need a break, good to take one so that you can come back fresh. A to Z will be hard for me too. I have got a ten post head start but being a minion this year, it’s not enough. Time with children, to be able to talk to them must be such a pleasure. Don’t let that slip away and please continue walking. It helps 🙂

  2. Forced writing does weighs down. It takes away the sheer pleasure of writing. This is something I experienced last year and then I couldn’t write at all for 2 months. Now I write only once a week, at my own will and it is freeing.

  3. Hey Lata, don’t be so hard on yourself. It happens with all of us. When we don’t write, it’s not the free time we get, but the pressure that builds up for not writing enough! I was supposed to schedule the A to Z challenge posts in the last week of March, but then traveling happened and I couldn’t. As long as you’re writing them on the required day, it’s going to be all fine..

    Calm down, relax, watch a good movie and write whatever comes to your mind. No prompts, no boundaries, nothing doing.

    All the best for the challenge 🙂


  4. Some of the excuses look familiar. But most of the times, my excuse is, I’m not feeling like writing…nothing coming out.

    1. I did sign up at the last moment for the AZ as I loved it last year. The excitement is infectious and there is so much new stuff to read. I don’t want to miss the fun. I will hold on with my teeth. Thanks Damyanti.

  5. I feel you, Lata. I have been there, done that. Actually to an extent, I am still dealing with it.

    The one thing I did (some time back) , was take a review break. I took on selected books, and even then I did not review them all on my blog – I made and shared a FB note and reviewed them it on Goodreads, Amazon etc (in the future, they might appear on the blog, but that is not time-bound). That break helped me tremendously. I read what I wanted to, and not only did it put me in a good mood, I was also excited to write about these books. So, problem solved.

    As far as feeling forced to write – I slowed down the pace. Initially I used to have a post up every Monday. But currently there is so much going on in my life, that I just can’t keep up with that. And I don’t ever want to compromise quality of the content, so I reduced the quantity of posts. I did not take a complete break, because that will hurt the flow for me and do more damage than good. So, instead of every week, I now have posts up every 10 days or so. Still regular, but no deadline. This is of-course temporary, and I will go back to my regular schedule soon, but as of now, I need this breather.

    [Sorry for the extremely long comment. Hope my ramble helped.]

    1. It feels good to know that I am not the only one. The reviews were getting into a vicious cycle. With work and all that pressure, I am getting bogged down. I am still at work.. and I want to give that A to Z a miss now.

  6. With two small kids and the house work, I get weighed down often. That is why I write mostly once a week. You have raised very nice points here, most of us connect to it. I agree that one should write according to one’s own will… forced writing makes us tired. I am sure you will feel rejuvenated soon:)

  7. I hear you! I’ve been fighting the lack of motivation to write for a very long time now. Earlier, my mind would constantly try to shape any new experiences or thoughts into a probable post. These days, such thoughts either happen in a fleeting moment or I’m unable to shape them into anything worthy. I only look back on the days when writing happened regularly and wonder where that person disappeared. But, like the others have said, let’s take heart in this phase too. Whatever got extinguished will get ignited. Let’s not stop looking for inspiration 🙂

  8. My only excuse is that I just don’t feel like writing these days 🙂 But seriously, I have no shortage of ideas. It is just that I don’t feel the need to verbalise or express those in writing anytime soon. Does this make sense? O well, I am sure we will each find our writing groove soon!

  9. I guess if we write what we can manage in the long run, it would work well for us. An example being – I write mostly once a week (rest of the week I connect with others), so I don’t suffer much from issues.

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