681174507-true-friend-last-forever-friendship-quoteBefore the advent of Facebook and Whatsapp,  even before the Internet and Cable TV,  we have been best friends.  We did not have to declare it to the world.  We don’t declare it now, either.  But,  we know we are there for each other.  Always.

Lets call here Alice.  (Not the ‘Who the F is Alice?’).  But this song has a connection.  In the early 90s as teenagers, when we were just opening up to MTV and English songs,  this song came up.  We loved it that there was the F word in it.  But,  how do we even listen to it in front of the family?  So,  when the parents would be away,  we would put this song on our blaring music system,  and scream out our teenage rebellion.  Ah, the joy of the forbidden.

She knew me instinctively.  I really don’t know how.  I am an introvert and she is an extrovert.  But,  she knows what I want to do in my heart.  She would hold my hand,  and lead the way.   She would give me gyaan.   Not when I ask for.  But,  when she sees me silent,  when she sees me worried,  even when the smile on my lips did not reach the eyes.  We’ve loved, lived, lost, cried, laughed together.

Since we got married,  we do not meet so often.  But, the distance is only physical.  We meet whenever we can and then time just flies.   I still live by her famous words. ‘Follow your heart,  for the heart is always right’.

A friend like her is very rare to find.  I am blessed to have a friend like her.

Do you have a best friend?  Why is she/he the best?


Daily Post – This post is in response to the daily post prompt – Friend.


8 thoughts on “Friend

  1. Most of my best friends have been extroverts, but I really enjoy having an introvert best friend. It’s quite a task trying to understand them, and I love that challenge.
    I haven’t had one best friend for more than a year, to be honest. They keep changing every year. But I really do cherish the wonderful memories I had with them, even though we no longer speak/meet.

  2. We loved it that there was the F word in it – Lol to that. Childhood friendships make for such memories! And the thing is we could be so completely different yet such good friends.

  3. Do I have a best friend? Yes, probably. I’m not sure though. I have some good friends who stand up for me and by me when I need them the most. Not sure if they fit under best friends – but I will trust them with my life. In fact, some of them are people I met online first.

    1. You are lucky to have such good friends. If they stand by you at all times, they are really best friends. Hope I can convert some online friends to best friends too. Cause, right now I have many online friends.

  4. Brings back such lovely memories of close friends I’ve had! I changed schools way too often, so lost touch with people so easily. Now, though, with FB and all, I’m in touch with a few. Nearly all my best friends were extroverts too; maybe introverts and extroverts attract each other?
    You know, even today, if you walk into any pub in Bangalore (the good, old ones; not the new ones that have cropped up) they play Who the F is Alice, and everyone shouts during the chorus! I’ve not seen such a reaction for any other song!

    1. Alice was one of the first songs we heard with such words. To say we were shocked is an understatement.
      Some friends always stay with you, as person or even as a memory.

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