Sleepless #MondayMusings

After having a good weekend which included ample reading time,  play time with kids,  visit to my brother,  spending time at a book sale,  I was ready to hit the sack.  Only that Mr. Sleep had some other plans.  I set the alarm for 5.50 am to get my son ready for school.  Since it was a Sunday,  we had spent extra time watching TV.  At just before 11,  we hit the pillow.  Within seconds I realized the hubby had dozed off.  Hmm.. on other days, we would have talked about our day and some titter tatter that all couples talk about.  But,  yesterday night,  try as I might,  the sleep was elusive.

I thought of spending some time reading.  But then,  the night-light is a bit harsh at times and that would keep me more awake.  So, decided against it.  I looked at the time.  11.15 pm.  A little less than 7 hours to wake up.  I got up,  walked around the house, checked all windows and doors are closed and locked.  Then I watched out of the window at the late night walkers.  Some boys were playing on the road.  The clock inched towards 11.30 pm.   Maybe I am hungry or thirsty I thought.  Oh no.. not hungry, immediately triggering weight gain and calories thoughts.  I had a glass of water and climbed back to bed.

I was wide awake now.  The clock’s hands came together at 12 and all I could think of was of not having even 6 hours of sleep.   I prayed to God,  please give me my sleep this day er.. night.  That took me to some endless thoughts of how I want to decorate my house.  Completely unrelated,  I know.  So much for trying to not have exciting thoughts.  I looked at the husband to get some support. Surely, the tossing and turning might have affected him too.  But, he was in his third dream sequence with Katrina Kaif and looking blissful in sleep.  How irritating!

More ideas.. Ah.. Counting sheep.  I did that too.  I imagined the sheep coming in slow motion and jumping over a fence.  Then the next one came and the next one and .. I knew this wasn’t working.   12.30 am .. boo hooo.. I could not look at 1 am and think of less than 4 hours of sleep,  not when I had a full Monday of work.  That thought seemed to have worked as I remember the next thing of me waking up to the alarm clock at 5.50 am.  Another new week,  another day to start.  But, I am just walking around like a zombie,  remember the Thriller song.

I should catch up on some siesta time now,  another perk of working from home.

Have you had such an illogical sleep experience?  How do you hasten sleep that eludes you when you want it the most?

Have a great week!


26 thoughts on “Sleepless #MondayMusings

  1. You should always ask students how they fall asleep when sleep eludes them.
    The best way is to do something that you don’t like. For example, I hate solving particular sums in Math, so I take my textbook, and sit down to practice those sums. And then Mr. Sleep just comes knocking on my door!

    I find reading also helpful. Also, if you like listening to music, you could make a playlist of all the slow songs, and listen to it before sleeping. Don’t listen to fast or catchy tunes. Slow numbers, with soft lyrics.

  2. I have trouble going to sleep sometimes, too, and it is so frustrating. Tensing and relaxing all the muscles in my body, starting with my toes and working my way up sometimes works. Or reading. 😛

  3. I always end up having problems sleeping after the weekend probably because of an extended siesta during the day and/or not exercising on Sunday! An evening walk works well for me and gets me to sleep peacefully at night.

  4. This happens to me a lot – and always on a Sunday night! Maybe that’s just the brain cooking up a devious plan to make us miss Monday – and thereby avoid the blues 😀
    Reading never helps; I end up finishing chapter after chapter instead of sleeping. And unrelated thoughts, they’re the best! Oh the plans I’ve made for life when I couldn’t fall asleep!!!
    Maybe try writing a bit? It’s worked for me sometimes

  5. I experience sleepless nights once in a while and then I switch on the reading lamp and start reading. Reading for half-an-hour helps me to get my sleep back. However, getting sleepless on Sunday night can leave me jittery too thinking about the next day.

  6. I go through that many times. I read and then at some point in time which is late for sure, my eyes are to tired and I fall asleep. Not the best way but works. 🙂

  7. I’m a terrible sleeper. I wake up even at the drop of a pin and I’m an insomniac at that. If I get around 4 hours of sleep a night I feel lucky.

    Reading, writing and making lists is how I spend my awake hours.

  8. Boy, can I relate to that sleeplessness you describe. Lately I seem to fall into bed exhausted and sleep well til about 3am. Then the hot flashes begin and I toss and turn, thinking about all kinds of things, even writing blog posts and poetry in my head. Geez. Wish I was that creative in the daytime. Are you that way, too?

    Good you can take a siesta during the day to make up for that lost sleep. I tend to do that, too, especially this week since I’ve been plagued with flu and now a head cold along with the hot flashes. Enough already!

    1. Aw.. hope you are feeling well now. I hate that sleep-deprived feeling. Quick short naps in the afternoon is my idea to break the grumpiness.

  9. I do I do… I can totally relate to that. It happens when I am up after 12 and I just can’t get to sleep sometimes till 2 or 3. The next morning … I am as grumpy as ever 😛

  10. I have lots of sleepless nights and that’s when my Kindle is my best companion! I don’t have to turn on the light to wake my hubby and can read right through the end of the book!

    1. Kindle is the best gift my husband gave me though, over 5 years back, he had thought it was pricey. But I love it with my life. My Kindle is the old version before the lighting and paperwhite came into existence. I have a clip on reading light which I use to read at night. But now I am planning to get me a new Kindle.

  11. Strange I had a sleepless night too this weekend – on Friday night actually – when my mind was fluctuating between the loud beats of the Australian BeeGees performance I’d attended earlier in the night and the cold, waves of disapproval emanating from Hubby Dear with whom I’d just had an awkward exchange of words before lights out……
    I normally find that the best way to fall asleep at such times is to sleep on the cold hard floor and after an hour of tossing and turning in discomfort, I just flop into my bed out of exhaustion if nothing else.

    1. On the floor, the mosquitoes will not let me sleep anyways. But, I get the point. Hubbies do have a way to distract our sleep and then they snooze off to glory.

  12. Next time, try writing. Trust me, it will either bring out the best ideas or put you to sleep fast. Works really well for me.

  13. Certainly looks like sleep eluded you. I find that some stretching before bed and some muscle relaxation exercises help tremendously when I am unable to fall asleep.

    Love my daily siesta time since I work from home and wake up at 5 am everyday.

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