A is for Arranged #AtoZ

ADia adjusted her dupatta and sat on the comfortable chair.  This was all new to her.  Bride-seeing indeed.  She could imagine her young female achiever side screaming in anger in her head.  Does she even believe this is happening?  But, her mother had used her tears to blackmail Dia into this er.. arrangement.  The prospective groom was a unique specimen,  her mother had insisted.  ‘Lakhon mein ek’, ‘the special one’.

Dia had reluctantly agreed and she wanted to get over the ‘meet and greet’.  Her friend Sonia had assured her to just act normal as she had no intention to marry the guy.

The groom cleared his throat and asked,  ‘So, are you a computer programmer?’

Dia’s eyes shot up to his face.  None of her Non-techie friends had ever asked her that as they could not understand what does ‘programming’ mean? For them, a techie meant just tapping away at the keyboards for god knows what.

She muttered a demure, ‘Yes’.  Her mother would be proud of her tone.

Surely the guy is not dumb,  she decided.  After all,  no harm in knowing a new person.

After the formalities and initial awkwardness, the guy asked Dia if he could talk to her again to which, she agreed.

And thus, It started.  The guy,  Sameer,  who was miles away from computers and software gradually entered Dia’s heart and made space for himself beside her computer love.

Follow me to enjoy the life of Sameer and Dia, a case of severe opposites attraction.


21 thoughts on “A is for Arranged #AtoZ

  1. This should be a fun story, especially as it is something so outside of my culture here in the United States. I think I am going to learn a lot. Looking forward to more!

  2. Wow! what a start to the A to Z challenge with an arranged marriage set-up.
    I am so looking forward to your posts as this series is going to keep on my edge, everyday 😀

  3. Hi Lata, I am so going to enjoy Sameer and Dia’s tale! I was mentally visualizing the entire scene! Well-crafted! BTW loved your blog header!

  4. Sameer and Dia and back! Yay!
    Lovely first meeting and I am looking forward to read how the story progressed. Good one Lata.

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