Jungle Book #MyMowgliMemory

Did you see this video on The Jungle Book, the movie to be released this weekend on 8th April?  Ever since I have seen this video,  I have been as excited as my children to watch the movie.  We have decided on the date too.   From the video,  I see that the rendition is as close to the original as possible and I want to see the animals talking.

What makes me so excited about the movie is the load of memories it brings me.  It was in the early eighties when I met Mowgli, Balu and Bagheera for the first time.  I was not even 10 at the time.  There was this popular drink ‘Gold Spot’ which used to have a contest then.  The Gold Spot crowns used to have The Jungle Book characters.  This ensured that every birthday party at the time had Gold Spot as the cold-drink.  These crowns had to be placed in a Jungle Book album which had designated pages with the characters.  One of my friends had multiple albums.  The family used to buy Gold Spot in bulk and we were extremely jealous.  There was also lot of exchange of crowns and many enterprising ones did make some money.  Once the album was full,  there was the ultimate prize.  The album had to be sent to Gold Spot and they sent the original ‘Jungle Book’.   Just that one family in my society had the book.  It was shared, read and re-read.  It was an amazing world considering we were not exposed to such international story books and certainly no cartoons other than the Films’ Divisions ones.   The book was pure joy.   

Fast forward to the 90s,  and there was the Sunday cartoon about Mowgli.  I followed it for some time but the story divurged from the original as the makers tried to extend it as much as possible.  It did not have the same joy as the first one.  But, by now I was a teenager and felt it was too childish for me.

Then came the 00s / noughties.  The Jungle Book was one of the first books I bought for my elder son when he was 3 years old.  It was the original Walt DIsney hardbound book in the same amazing colors as seen in the new video.  I read the story to my son and he loved the book.  The book lasted in the family till my younger son came along.  He also saw the re-run of Mowgli on one of the cartoon channels.

And now the movie and we are so excited to watch the movie.  The sons, me and this time my 4 year old nephew too will go to watch one of the best children’s stories.

Do you plan to go for the movie?

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