{M}issing you #AtoZChallenge

MDia reached her guest house and as soon as she landed,  she dialed the India number of Sameer.  It rang for a long time and finally stopped without being picked up.  Dia dialed again and again but was met with no response from Sameer.

After some more waiting, she went into the small kitchen to make some tea for herself.  She put on the electric kettle,  put the tea pouch into the cup,  some brown sugar.  She poured the hot water into the cup and added a little cold milk.

She hated this tea and longed for tea made in the Indian way.  The heater was on but she felt cold.  She pushed the curtain to look outside.  The landscape was grey with no life, spectacularly clean.

Dia thought about the view from her home. There were a thousand sounds, the children playing in the  park,  the sparrows twittering away,  the parking lot honking and a million colors. 

And now Sameer is not picking up the phone.  She tried again.  NO response.

After about half an hour,  the phone rang.  She rushed to pick it up.  It was her parents.  She was a tad disappointed that it’s not Sameer. As usual,  her parents were ecstatic that she was abroad.  A first for her family, mom reminded her.  She spoke for about 15 minutes in mono-syllables.

She picked up the phone again to call Sameer again when it rang.  This time it was Sameer.

‘Where have you been?  Why did you not pick up the phone or return the call?’ accused Dia before Sameer could speak.

‘Hold on.. hold on.  What’s the matter?  Are you okay?’  asked Sameer.

Hearing the concern in his voice,  Dia broke down.  ‘I miss you so much.  I just want to be back home.’

‘I miss you too Dia.  Be strong.  It is just for a few more months.  Remember,  how much you wanted to take up this assignment.  I am always here waiting for you.  Let’s count the days together.’

**This has been written for the A to Z Challenge 2016. My theme is A to Z in the life of Dia and Sameer, a geek and non-geek couple.  Short stories on their approach to daily life.  Do you know people like them?  Do share the stories with me. ***  

The characters Dia and Sameer are fully imaginary.  Any likeness to people is purely coincidental.   The views are the characters’ own and light-hearted.  They are not endorsements.

16 thoughts on “{M}issing you #AtoZChallenge

  1. Long distance love survives the test of time if both involved are committed to keeping their relationship strong. Sad to see couples apart though, lovely story.

  2. It must be so hard to be so far apart, especially when it is for months at a time. I can get a sense of her sadness and homesickness. Glad everything turned out to be okay with Sameer! Great post. 🙂

  3. Separations are really difficult to handle.. I have been on my own dornfour months while hubby is away .. Being in the armed forces… Yes I have had the same moments when indial his number and he never picks up… Phew!!! It sure is tough!!!

  4. Oh so sweet. but really don’t like seperation. It tears apart when you don’t have your someone special handy for a good verbal fight. Nice story Lata.

    1. Sameer is not the villain.. its the distance right now. I have seen many people who fight to go onsite, but once there, they want to come back.

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