W is for Words #atozchallenge

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‘Beautiful morning,’ said Dia as she woke up to pleasant weather.  She could hear the birds and children playing outside.  There was a light breeze and the curtains danced lightly in graceful silhouettes.

‘Mesmerizing,’ said Sameer.

‘Yeah..so peaceful,’  said Dia.

‘Awesome,’  continued Sameer in a soft voice.

‘I love mornings,’  said Dia and turned to face Sameer who was looking at her.

‘I love you,’  said Sameer.

Dia looked at him surprised,  ‘What are you talking about?’

‘You’ he said sheepishly.

**This has been written for the A to Z Challenge 2016. My theme is A to Z in the life of Dia and Sameer, a geek and non-geek couple.  Short stories on their approach to daily life.  Do you know people like them?  Do share the stories with me. ***  

The characters Dia and Sameer are fully imaginary.  Any likeness to people is purely coincidental.   The views are the characters’ own and light-hearted.  They are not endorsements.

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