Outraged! #JusticeforJisha

I am thoroughly outraged by the brutal rape and murder of the 30 year old woman Jisha.  She was assaulted with sharp weapons, raped and murdered.  The incident is similar to the Nirbhaya case.  The details of her injuries are too sordid to be even repeated.  Who does such things to another human being?  The whole episode is just a lot of uncomfortable questions.   But before I finished writing this post,  here is another case in Kerala.

  • Media is reporting the news as rape of a ‘Dalit’ woman. Why?  How different is a Dalit woman from another woman?
  • The woman was raped and murdered in her own home. If a woman is not safe in her own home, then where will she be safe?
  • The incident occurred at around 5pm. Did nobody here the woman scream? Why did nobody come to her rescue?
  • Isn’t there a law to not disclose the victim’s identity? But in this case,  the victim’s photograph is also published.
  • The political parties, instead of acknowledging and addressing the issue, is trying to gain mileage from the whole incident? Otherwise, how can you explain sound bites given by prominent politicians.
  • An incident that happened 6 days ago is yet to grab national headlines. Why? It took 5 days to be brought to the attention of national media.
  • TOI has not reported the incident at all. Their news channel is mum on it.  Their website mentions that Peter Mukherjee sent a big hug and birthday wishes to his wife Indrani.  What is the news in this?
  • Even after 6 days, the culprit is not yet caught.   No one knows who did it.  Isn’t that a bit strange?