A to Z Challenge 2016 – Reflections

A-to-Z Reflection [2016]I had participated in the 2015 challenge and couldn’t go beyond the letter G.  So, I was fully aware of how tough the challenge is going to be.  This year I had decided to not sign up for the challenge.  But, I accidentally participated in an AtoZ Twitter chat and I knew I had to sign up.  There is too much fun in the challenge and even if I do not complete it,  I would love the journey.  And so,  I signed up with no goals, no themes in mind.

But I saw many bloggers preparing for the challenge and it egged me on to make an effort.  I made a complete list of A to Z of books I loved and authors I recommend.  That is what I had planned in the theme reveal too.  But again,  fickle me,  changed it to short stories of a couple who are very unlike each other.  This was my theme last year and so I went back to my last year’s notes and started all over again.    Continue reading