The Playground #shortstory

Image courtesy Sanch Vee

Trisha looked fondly at the empty playground on a sunny evening .  It used to be her favorite place four decades ago.  It had changed but still remained the same.  The plastic swing looked brighter now.  Earlier it was a wooden seat and two of them could sit together if they held each other close. The trees were bigger and some had even been replaced.  Fallen leaves filled the ground with various shades of yellow, orange and brown.

Just like it was in the summer long ago when she had met Shekhar.  He was her friend, Suchita’s cousin, visiting  during the vacation.  He was in college then and to them, that was really grown up. It was love at first sight for her.  As for him, he could pick his choice from the bevy of beautiful friends of his cousin.  Even back then, he had grand plans like going abroad.  Did he really make it, she wondered?

She sat on the bench reminiscing the good old days when she was surprised to see her old friend Suchita coming to the swing with her 2 grandchildren.  One of the children even looked like her at that age.  The children ran to the swing.

Trisha waved to Suchita.  At first, she just stared back and then realizing who it was, she walked faster towards her and hugged her.

‘Trisha, what a surprise?  It’s been ages. How are you?  How have you been?’  both of them started at once and then laughed at their excitement.

They caught up on their past lives for the next hour.  Trisha wanted to ask about Shekhar but held back as she was feeling shy.

‘Strange,’ she thought, ‘I am thinking like a teenager.’  Continue reading