All your love #shortstory

Most stories of young women have them dreaming about marriage and ‘happily ever after’.  But is it really so all the time?  I see many people going in for divorces with much more alarming frequency.  In India,  divorce is still taboo though it will not remain so for long.  Though the numbers are increasing,  I am still glad people are realising they have an option out of a bad marriage, instead of bearing the abuse for years.  My only wish is that parents are more accepting of their daughters’ decisions and be their pillar of strength at such times.  All they need is your love,  nothing else.  Linking this short story to Friday Reflections for the prompt “Use this quote to inspire your post or within it: “Most people need love and acceptance a lot more than they need advice”. – Bob Goff”

Ruchi stared into space as her mother went about in the kitchen.  Keeping the pots in place,  wiping the platform,  arranging the spoons,  she was in constant motion.  But she was also saying something.  Ruchi did not follow her.  She just stared and saw her mother speaking, her lips moving, no sound.  As if she was behind a glass screen.

‘A girl’s home is with her husband.  You young girls have got all big ideas into your head now.  A small thing and you rush home to amma and papa.  You think we did not have our share of troubles.  And we even lived in a joint family.  Look at you.  It is just the two of you,’ her mother droned on. Continue reading