Ox-Tales Earth #BookReview

Ox-Tales : Earth is one of four original collections, featuring stories by leading British and Irish-based writers.  Each of the writers has contributed their story for free in order to raise money and awareness for Oxfam.  The others are WATER, AIR & FIRE.

Oxtales EarthThis is what caused me to pick up this book.  The cover displays the names of the contributing authors.  I saw ‘Ian Rankin’ and I knew what could be in store.  The book was also very appealing.  It is smaller than the normal book and just 200 pages.  I found this book in a ‘Book Sale by Weight’ event near my house and cost me less than Rs. 10.  The book hardly weighs 100 grams. After reading the book,  I immediately wanted to read the others.  I looked up on Amazon and Flipkart.  The prices range from 450+ and 700+.  So, my friends,  next time there is a similar sale,  do not hesitate.  Rush to the place and find hidden gems like these.

The book has 9 short stories.  I found them all excellent except for one.  The stories, coming from such masters, is an education in short story telling.

The first story, The Jester of Astopovo, is set in Russia at an obscure railway station.  It comes alive when the famous author Leo Tolstoy reaches there to get away from his wife.  It is a complete media and family circus.

The story ‘Boys in Cars’ is my favorite.  It talks about a boy with autism trying to become more social.

‘Lucky we Live now’ in which time goes in reverse except for the protagonists who are left with nature at the beginning of time as they lose all modern amenities.  Loved the fantasy take on this.

‘Fieldwork’ by Ian Rankin is the smallest story,  but very well told and complete.

‘The Death of Marat’ which is the last story and the last one I read,  does leave with many intriguing thoughts and possibilities in the way the story can end.

The book is an excellent collection.  I am looking to discover the other books in another sale.

12 thoughts on “Ox-Tales Earth #BookReview

  1. This is amazing. Collection of stories in 200 pages, bought close to home at a jaw dropping 10 Rs in today’s times?
    Wow! The book sounds interesting and I couldn’t agree more that we can often strike gold offline but seldom online 🙂

  2. Wow… I really want to check out such options – book collections sold by weight. The sheer joy of finding a precious gem in this midst.

    And you know what? We need to make a list of best anthology collections, similar to this. Would be nice to see people’s opinions.

  3. Sounds interesting. I have just recently started the anthologies and have loved some of them. The stories appear to have interesting takes on various societal aspects. Lets see when can I get hold of this. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

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