Blocks and cures #MondayMusings

It has struck again.  The malaise. It is a terrible one at that.  My heart yearns,  but my mind freezes.  It is the infamous writer’s block again.  So,  based on tips and reasonings by other experienced and famous bloggers,   was to beat the writer’s block to pulp.  Er.. but how?  I start writing a few lines.  Then I feel it sounds too boring, or too preachy or sometimes even too sugary.

But,  I once read, that to beat the block, just write.  And so,  here I am.  Writing whatever is coming into my head.  Because,  not writing is leaving me in a bad mood.  I am unable to concentrate on other things at hand as all the time,  I am nursing the writer’s block,  coaxing it to give up and to come back to the New Post page again.

I also blame the weather for it.  Its been raining since yesterday evening.  *Sniff*. I want to watch the rain,  but here I am in front of my laptop.   So,  I just got a large cup of coffee err.. kaapi made and decided to write. 

Again,  I am stuck by another thought.  How can I have a writer’s block when I am not a writer yet?  Maybe, this is a blogger’s block.  I see no tips to get rid of blogger’s block.  All my list of topics,  my drafts folders are inadequate.  So,  I am applying the logic of the writer’s block remedy.

When you have a severe case of writer’s block,  the advise is to ‘WRITE’,  and so for a severe case of blogger’s block,  I ‘BLOG’.  Apologies if it is sounding odd,  but as a computer programmer,  this is one of the core principles we use when writing code.

Now that I have written a blog post, which maybe no one will read,  let me declare,  the blogger’s block has passed and I am hale and hearty now.  Let me get down to the next task at hand.



17 thoughts on “Blocks and cures #MondayMusings

  1. It’s okay Lata. I’ll tell you what I as going through this week: I had a Commenter’s block. Try as I might, I couldn’t type a decent comment on anyone’s post. *Hides face*

    I think you should take that cup of kaapi and watch the rains. Keep the laptop aside, and just enjoy. Maybe then a thought will strike you and you’ll get rid of the ‘bloggers block’? 😃

    1. Wow Commenter’s block too.. Sounds like a recently discovered ailment. I am taking your advice literally and you can see me looking out of that window now. P.S. I also got drenched in the rain. Happy Rains.

  2. I’m reading along too from Monday Musings! I get the ‘block’ too….. and I still don’t know what to do with it when it happens really…. I have lots of half written posts that I have to get back to. Your blog is lovely, by the way! x

  3. I am reading and I missed you too. Glad to know you have already got rid of the block. When in such a stage, ping me and we could write a post on topic together. It will be fun. 🙂

  4. Nothing quite like writing to cure the block. I always find that taking pen to paper and writing random stuff helps me to blog. And I have a storehouse of ideas saved for a rainy day!
    Evernote clipper does it for me. 😉

  5. Sometimes you have too many thoughts in mind that you don’t know how to start with one.
    It happens with me as a newbie to the blogging world, you have been so much more time, I could not imagine what you must be facing.
    It is raining here also and I love having a cup of Coffee/Tea, reading or writing, sitting next to my window.

    1. Well, sometimes it happens. And then we pressurize ourselves to write and it all goes downhill. As a newbie it was worse, but we learn over time. Thanks Lovey.

  6. We’re reading don’t worry and cheering you on too. The block will go. Just keep hacking away at it by writing. How about a post on rain/storm scenes from books :-)? Reminds me of Heathcliff on the Moors or Jane and Elizabeth walking to Mr Bingley’s house all rain-splattered.

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